Julius Malema and wife still a topic days after Durban July

Published Jul 8, 2024


Critics of EFF leader Julius Malema are still at it discussing his expensive taste after sharing an image with his wife Mantwa Malema who both ate and left no crumbs at Durban July at the weekend.

The couple made it to the list as most best dressed.

The Louboutin red bottoms go for about 28k. The suit is R30k. The dress in the class of famous designers such as Gert Johan Coetzee or Gavin Rajah goes for about 36K. So the couple’s outfits are estimated at 150k.

Critics of EFF leader Julius Malema are still at it discussing his expensive taste after sharing an image with his wife Mantwa Malema.

There were mixed feelings as some criticised him, saying Malema claims he is representing the poor while wearing expensive clothes.

“Do you know what a R28, 111.15 can do for a poor voter in a rural area that believes in the EFF? Julius Malema is one selfish leader, but is just distracting the masses that he is no different from the looters we have in this country,” said Bafana Surprise on X.

Some came to his defence, saying this was an event that required fashionable clothing hence the luxurious display with his wife.

While others said EFF donated half a million towards KZN flood victims and the Covid-19 pandemic, a deed that will not be forgotten since other political parties failed to do so.

“Name one politician outside of Julius Malema who has (in his/her personal capacity) done more to change the lives of black people in the past decade. An annual event that requires fashionable clothing will not change our views on this great man who has changed the lives of the poor,” said Khutso Mamabolo.

Edgar Legoale added: “Julius Malema continues to be a source of inspiration for many of us. His achievements remind us that with persistence and a positive outlook, anything is possible. Those who criticise him for wearing expensive shoes and clothes seem to miss the point. Just because one fights for the poor doesn't mean they have to embody poverty themselves. Let’s reject the notion that socialist values must come with a display of poverty. Instead, let’s celebrate success and the drive to uplift others. After all, who said being a socialist means you can't look good while advocating for change?”

While tongues were wagging on social media platform, X, in came private bespoke suit tailor Sifiso Mazibuko who took to his page on X, to thank Malema for his support.

Mazibuko made more people praise Malema for supporting a black designer.

“Always a pleasure to craft tailored suits for your wardrobe, Mr Julius Malema. Your support is highly appreciated CIC,” said Mazibuko.

People who saw his post praised him for his talent.

“I wanna give you all the credit so bad but this man? Top 5 most stylish in this country. It doesn’t shock me that he knows where to get precisely what he wants,” said Anita Black.

Another user, Jessica, wrote: “You understood the assignment Sir, and you nailed it! CIC & his wife looked amazing, and the suit he was wearing made him stand out. He wore it elegantly & with class.”

Others asked Mazibuko for more information so that they too could buy and support his business.

Being criticised is a norm in South Africa. Former finance minister Tito Mboweni gets criticised for his poor-man-like dress code and enjoying tinned fish valued at R20.