Kahlan Hagerman’s perseverance and hard work pay off in her academic achievement

Kahlan Hagerman. Picture: Supplied

Kahlan Hagerman. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 18, 2024


Hard work and dedication have positioned Kahlan Hagerman among the top achievers at Woodhill College for the class of 2023 matric year.

Hagerman says despite encountering a challenging year, her matric journey was a year of growth and long-lasting memories.

“Academically, the matric year had a demanding curriculum, focusing on preparing for final exams. The workload was intense, the subjects became more specialised, and the depth of knowledge required increased significantly. Teachers stressed the importance of understanding concepts rather than memorising information. Although the preparation for the final exams required dedication and hard work, my matric year was a year of growth and long-lasting memories,“ she said.

She speaks about her major highlights, mentioning her matric dance as one of the memorable events that she shared with her friends.

“One of the highlights of my matric year was the matric dance, which was an incredible experience I shared with my closest friends. Having said that, it is difficult to pinpoint specific events, as the year was filled with so many memorable moments, all of which contributed to my happiness and made me a better version of myself.

“Mathematics was challenging, but I allocated enough study time to ensure that I was well prepared for the final exam.

“Outside of school, I made sure to exercise regularly, which helped clear my mind and manage the stress of my matric year.”

She attributes her success to her family, explaining that they helped her with the emotional support she needed.

“My family has always been supportive and has been an amazing pillar of strength during this stressful time. They have provided me with emotional support, putting my mind at ease while I wait for my results.

“I am inspired by people who are willing to leave their comfort zones and venture into the unknown. I admire people who are enthusiastic about life and have the ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions, as that is what I am to achieve,“ she said.

Hagerman has applied to study computer science at the University of Pretoria and also hopes to travel the world.