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Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Lockdown gives Miss Pru chance to pause and reflect on her 11 years as a successful DJ

Miss Pru, real name Prudence Sebalo. Picture: Twitter

Miss Pru, real name Prudence Sebalo. Picture: Twitter

Published Sep 10, 2020


Johannesburg - Miss Pru’ latest single, uHulumeni, is set to be another hit where she features new talent to open up the industry.

The award-winning DJ, whose real name is Prudence Sebalo, is celebrating 11 years of music and making a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

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“The past 11 years have been a learning curve. The first couple of years I learnt how to be better at DJing, then I was mentored by someone and fortunately I got to meet many people in the industry.

“Every two years or so, I got to learn something from different people who would help me get to where I am right now.”

It was after six years of grinding that she signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment.

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Things started to align for Miss Pru when she started DJing and her highlights have been many.

“I did my research for a good three years on the business of the entertainment industry, before I even learnt how to DJ. I always remember those early days. I’ve had the opportunity to travel and play amazing sets in places like Miami, where huge stars like Louie Vega appreciated my set and looked forward to seeing more of what I was doing.”

Winning awards and realising that people look forward to her music has been a big highlight.

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“I used to be really scared of dropping music, thinking maybe people would judge, not knowing what their reaction would be. But the reaction I got from releasing the first track up until now has been a benchmark and highlight.”

With highlights come many challenges and one of the lessons she has learnt through the journey is change.

“I was always afraid to change and do something different. It’s always scary to move to the next level.

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“I realise the process of change is a reminder that change is good.

It’s a rewarding feeling.”

The aim for Miss Pru is to release a full project before the end of the year.

“I’ve also ventured into an entrepreneurial space where I’ve started a shea butter range with my co-partner. Those are the two projects I’m working on now for myself.”

While the lockdown has forced most performers out of work, Miss Pru has used this time to nurture herself.

“It was hard in the beginning because I’m used to travelling a lot, but as time went by I took it as an opportunity to pause for a little bit. I honestly haven’t been able to pause in the past 11 years. After you work on something you’re rushing to the next thing, you are travelling to somewhere else.

“It’s always been a continuous thing happening. The lockdown gave me time to appreciate what I’ve done in the past 11 years and to understand where the brand Miss Pru will go from here. It’s been a very reflective time for me. I’ll always look back at this time as the time to appreciate Miss Pru. I finally got to listen to myself and what it is I need to do from now on.”

Miss Pru has found herself in a position where she can inspire young women following in her footsteps.

“For young girls who want to DJ or be in the same space as me, they must always remember not to give up. As young women, we are so sensitive when people critique us and end up thinking we should not take the route we’ve chosen, but it’s important to keep going.

“There will be a whole lot of storms that come their way but they must make sure to have a strong team or support structure.

“I’ve had a best friend who’s had my back for the last 11 years and that helped me to gain a lot of confidence in my work.

“It’s always good to have people around you so that when you want to give up, they remind you why you started in the first place.”

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