Maimane changes tune, now in GNU talks with ANC

The meeting between ANC and Build One South Africa (Bosa) executives may point Mmusi Maimane’s party to joining the Government of National Unity. Picture: GCIS/SAPA

The meeting between ANC and Build One South Africa (Bosa) executives may point Mmusi Maimane’s party to joining the Government of National Unity. Picture: GCIS/SAPA

Published Jun 30, 2024


Amid Cabinet position squabbles of the ANC-DA marriage, Build One South Africa (Bosa) held an insightful delegates meeting with the African Congress on Friday about a way forward towards the anticipated Government of National Unity (GNU).

According to Bosa’s acting spokesperson, Roger Solomons, the meeting between the parties gave a clear vision of Bosa’s position and role in the broad coalition government, especially as a small party.

“The meeting produced a clearer understanding as to if, and how Bosa would participate in any governing arrangement going forward,” Solomons said.

Earlier in the week, Bosa remained undecided as it was weighing its options within the new state of governance, as there currently is no agenda and mandate within the GNU before President Cyril Ramaphosa announces his new national executive.

“Bosa has been engaging with parties to the GNU to ascertain the purpose, agenda and scope of such a government. It has become clear that these critical details have not been considered, never mind decided upon.

“We have committed to be constructive in all engagements and have agreed that once a plan of action is determined we can support the government on an issue by issue basis. We made it abundantly clear that we cannot commit to or reject any governing agreement without knowing or agreeing to the actual agenda of the said government,” Solomons said.

Key elements from Bosa in the GNU include:

* Constitutionalism and the rule of law, justice and redress.

* A mixed economy that creates jobs, zero tolerance for corruption. Reforming education.

* Eradicating crime.

Despite standing on an undecided faction – either joining the GNU, or presiding as an opposition-deliberations of the ANC and Bosa may suggest that Maimane’s party is pulling towards the collective government.

Solomons said Bosa will fully support an inclusive GNU, where all abide by the rule of law, reduce crime and foster a mixed economy in order to create jobs.

During the election run, Bosa’s political identity called for jobs in every household.

On Tuesday, the party called for a national dialogue of all 18 parties in the National Assembly to end the spat between ANC and DA, and most importantly, decide the scope and agenda of the GNU as no party won an outright majority.

Leader of the UDM, Bantu Holomisa, also proposed a national dialogue immediately after joining the GNU.

“There is now a clear deadlock between the ANC and the DA over government positions, patronage and access to state power. South Africa deserves better. A national convention offers the most democratic and transparent pathway to agreeing on the composition of a new national government that is values-based and delivery-based.

“It cannot be a patronage and power grab government, where the focus is on handing out positions to parties in exchange for co-operation. Instead, positions in government can only be assigned after a decision is made on the direction of the government,” Solomons said.

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