Mangaung ANC members accused of interfering with the integrity of the upcoming by-elections

Published Jul 18, 2023


Johannesburg – Allegations of Mangaung ANC members interfering with the integrity of the upcoming by-elections have surfaced.

Members of the Mangaung 7, popularly known as M7, the group of former Free State ANC councillors who were expelled by the party in March, have made more accusations against members of the ANC in the province.

The group that has been critical of corruption within the provincial structures of the province was at it again this week. This time, the group has alleged that certain members of the ANC within Mangaung municipality have been caught utilising government resources to campaign for tomorrow’s much-contested by-elections.

The troubled Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality in the Free State is set to hold by-elections this week after the ruling ANC, with the majority in the council, fired eight councillors in March 2023.

Four of the seven candidates, Mpho Mokoakoa, Lelala Makoa, Chabedi Rampai, and Lehlohonolo Moqolo, have already been approved by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) and are registered as independent candidates for tomorrow’s by-elections.

The members have indicated that they have written letters to the public protector, the IEC, in a bid to stop the ANC from interfering with the transparency of this week’s elections.

“Earlier today, the ANC arrived at about 20 metres from the voting station in several government vehicles, department of social development SSASA tents, food parcels, and registration documents for RDP houses. The cars were clearly marked government vehicles,” the group said.

The group says confrontations between community members and ANC officials ensued, resulting in scuffles and mayhem after they realised that what was happening was not legal.

“There was confrontation between community members and the campaigners, which was on full display. The strong police presence was subsequently maintained ahead of the much-anticipated by-elections on Wednesday,” the group added.

The Star has seen pictures shared by the group on social media that indicate serious concerns by the group as it seeks to challenge their former party as independent candidates.

Last week, The Star reported that the group had allegedly received death threats ahead of the highly anticipated by-elections.

The M7 councillors allegedly received death threats via phone calls from individuals they knew, telling them to “step out of the elections”.

“My brother, we worked together in the ANC for many years; you may lose your life if you fight us like this. Step out of the election. We will see how we can work together. The system is very big,” the comrade on the phone is said to have threatened.

If the ANC loses the wards, they may find themselves on the opposition benches come August, which may injure their build-up towards the 2024 elections.

The Mangaung 7 became vocal against the alleged corruption in the municipality, lamenting that the government of the city had privatised the Bloemfontein stadium for the “usage of white people only” and the alleged disappearance of R150 million from the council’s coffers.

and are now standing for elections in Mangaung, saying they are receiving death threats, allegedly from “ANC-aligned comrades”.

The councillors will be on the ballot in a week’s time in the hope of removing the ANC from power.

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