Mangaung Municipality official demanded R20 000 in order to give me a job, says whistle-blower

Sello More. Picture: Supplied

Sello More. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 4, 2024


Mangaung Municipality and its city manager Sello More were disgraced yesterday when whistle-blower, Nthabeleng Mokoena, laid bare a “jobs for sale” scandal happening at the municipality.

Following weeks of revelations at the municipality, Mokoena has claimed that she was blatantly told to pay R15 000 for a job.

“At first he wanted to know if I was an ANC member, I told him that I was a member of the ANC even though I am a member of the EFF. He then told me that a good job would cost me R10 000 but if I wanted a better paying job, I’d have to fork out R15 000. He said the payment must done through Shoprite in payments of R5000 each.”

Selinah Motaung, a Botshabelo resident, told The Star that she was told to pay R10 000 in order to secure employment in the metro. Motaung said the R15 000 was an entry level job, adding that if one wanted an office work a required amount to pay was between R15 000- R20 000.

“I was promised a job by the manager (name known by the publication) and asked me to pay R15 000. I have since given him the money and I am yet to be employed. The reason why I am deciding to come forward, is because this manager is being giving me a run-around now. I want him to be exposed and also to lose his job, as I am also struggling as it is. I tried speaking to senior municipal officials but they have done nothing. The guy seems to be politically connected hence they are failing to deal with him,” an angry Motaung explained.

Tshepo Khaile, from Seletjha Thaba-Nchu also told the publication that he knew of the “job-for-cash” scandal, but he was however, approached by a lady whom he said he can point out. Khaile said the lady had asked him to pay R17 000 in order for him to be absorbed into the municipality system.

“I was willing to pay that money, the only thing that made fail was because no one was willing to lend me that kind amount of money as I was unemployed. I know of some who had paid the lady the money and some are working as refuge collectors, whereas there are some who are still awaiting their turn,” he added.

The whistle-blowers said they were available to provide full details to the police.

This revelation came after a community activist Zwelakhe Msabe took to social media to lambaste the mayor and city manager over irregular appointments and bloating staff as favours for political associates. These exposes had prompted an investigation into ghost workers and the jobs-for-friends syndicate.

The publication exposed how both mayor Gregory Nthatisi and the municipal manager More were accused of facilitating a “jobs-for-friends” syndicate in the municipality.

More is not new to controversy, in December of 2021 a judgment handed down by Judge AJ van Rhyn found that More’s appointment was null and void since October 30, 2021, because the municipality failed to act in accordance with legal prescripts when appointing him.

DA Councillor Hardie Viviers said he woudn’t be surprised if there was such a practice in the municipality as people from Botshabelo had been swindled into paying rentals on a land that was owned by government.

“I am honestly not amazed by this, our people are being taken advantage of due to high rate of unemployment. One needs to raise this matter in our next council meeting. The city manager Sello More must be investigated,” Viviers said.

Mangaung spokesperson, Qondile Khedama, said: “Most of these scams are being made by outsiders who are not even part of the system. We have been issuing our notices to warn residents against these dubious activities. They (fake employment notices) keep quiet for a while, and after some time, they crop up again.

“We don’t get tired. We have noticed that they take advantage of vulnerable and unemployed people and youth in particular and illegally source money from them. Hence, we continuously issue out warning notices.”

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