Mashaba slams Germiston court for delays and granting bail to alleged building hijackers and undocumented foreigner

Action SA president Herman Mashaba. Picture: Phando Jikelo/African News Agency (ANA)

Action SA president Herman Mashaba. Picture: Phando Jikelo/African News Agency (ANA)

Published Jun 23, 2023


ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba has criticised the Germiston Magistrate’s Court for not acting tough against an alleged building hijacker and illegal immigrant who was granted bail and his case postponed at least 10 times.

On Thursday, Mashaba, who attended the case involving Tony Khadzadi, an illegal immigrant who is allegedly from Nigeria, said the accused, who was also an alleged sex offender, did not deserve to be treated with kid gloves by the country’s justice system.

Khadzadi, who was arrested with the assistance of ActionSA members, was granted bail on January 23, 2023.

“This guy is involved in property hijackings and was given bail at the Germiston Magistrate’s Court in January this year. He is facing charges of intimidation as well. I am actually standing next to a son of Patricia, one of the victim of this guy’s victimisation and harassment.

“Why is our legal system allowing this man to not be in jail when he is in our country without papers? I want to assure you, South Africa, that we, as ActionSA, believe in the rule of law. We are not going to allow our criminal justice system to be compromised by the corrupt legal system,” he said.

ActionSA spokesperson Lerato Ngobeni said the party had assisted the son of Patricia Khoza, who had first opened a case against undocumented foreign national Kadzadi for a building hijacking in Primrose, Ekurhuleni, to open a case against Kadzadi’s friend after he intimidated and harassed the son following court proceedings.

“Kadzadi appeared in court on Thursday… His case was postponed for the 10th time after hours of delay, and he was again released on bail despite having no documentation to be in South Africa and, therefore, a clear flight risk,” Ngobeni said.

Kadzadi’s friend allegedly approached Khoza’s son, filmed him and poured water on him while he was standing at the stairs of their home.

Ngobeni said Kadzadi’s friend was heard telling Khoza’s son that he would get his friends to beat him and drop him in a deserted place, which was why the party had assisted the family to open a case at Primrose police station.

“ActionSA has also repeatedly expressed our concern that Kadzadi was repeatedly granted bail, despite not having any legal papers to be in South Africa and is therefore at clear flight risk. We therefore raised our concern with the judicial head of the court and senior prosecutor,” Ngobeni added.