MaXhosa Africa prepares for opening of its Big Apple store

MaXhosa designer, Laduma Ngxokolo. Picture: Supplied

MaXhosa designer, Laduma Ngxokolo. Picture: Supplied

Published Jun 3, 2024


MaXhosa Africa, a South African knitwear brand, is preparing for the opening of its store in the bustling City of New York.

The internationally acclaimed brand founded in 2011 by Laduma Ngxokolo will officially open its doors on June 15, with a store located at 325 Canal Street, New York, US.

The brand’s designs represent the beauty, culture, language, and ambitions of the Xhosa people while evolving and changing in a modern setting, making them relevant to global fashion markets.

Ngxokolo, who is excited to finally extend the cultural brand experience to the Big Apple has shared the thrilling news on his social platforms, further answering questions that most have been asking about the brand.

He says they will take things a notch up for the first time and have specially curated the space to suit New Yorkers lifestyle and “what we think they need”.

Asked why it took a look to open the store, he said: “Picture the final hour in the ”Pursuit of Happiness“ movie by Will Smith. That is how it feels to finally open the store; it has been a tedious process working on the project. A lot of logistical processes have been delayed, so we had to internally deliberate on choosing the best opening time for the store.

“I think MAXHOSA deserves to be in New York because we have taken extra care in everything that we do, which is what I believe the true definition of luxury should be. New York is on top of the world, and we are in New York as a stepping stone for us to be top of the world.”

He further expressed gratitude to those who have shown support for the brand as it continues to flourish.

“As our gracious patron, we are grateful that you have been part of our conviction. We would love for you to continue supporting our vision.’’

His brand is well-known around the world, with invitations to display at recognised international platforms such as New York Fashion Week, and being worn by well-known figures.

Ngxokolo, a world traveller with a creative vision creates high-quality items for Maxhosa Africa, showcasing his pride and inventiveness in Africa.

Over the past 13 years, the organisation has received numerous global honours and established a cultural luxury institution, employing 300 permanent employees in its production, retail, and operations divisions.

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