Mohlakeng residents protest over service delivery

Published May 30, 2018


Randfontein - Mohlakeng residents in Randfontein closed several roads on Wednesday morning following pamphlets circulated in the area calling for a shutdown.


The message, issued by Randfontein Tsoga Group, urged Mohlakeng residents to protest over service delivery and lack of job opportunities.


Speaking to The Star, George Molele, a representative from Randfontein Tsoga Group, said they want better services.


“We are sick and tired of poor service delivery. Electricity bill is way to higher. We can’t afford this. There are people at Mohlakeng hostel who don’t pay electricity. They have been living there for years for free while we the residents pay,” he said.


Molele said unemployment was also a major problem in the area.


“Many of our youngsters are not working here. Jobs need to be created so that they can find employment. It’s so sad to see them doing nothing during the day. The municipality must make a plan,” he said.


Some of their grievances include the issue of housing and “unfair allocation of tenders”.


It is alleged that some people also want the local mayor Mzi Khumalo to step down.


“There are some people in the municipality who don’t want Mzi Khumalo to continue being the mayor, apparently because they feel like he is neglecting them when allocating tenders,” said a resident who didn’t want to be mentioned.


Randfontein police spokesperson Captain Appel Ernst said they were monitoring the situation.


“Our officers are all over the streets monitoring the situation. We will issue a statement shortly.”


The R28, coming in and going out of Mohlakeng has been blocked as well as a  part of Zuurbekom and Ngonyela street.

 Local businesses are not operating and schools have also been shut down.


The Star

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