ROOTED IN AFRICA: Actor, TV presenter and film-maker Thapelo Mokoena
ROOTED IN AFRICA: Actor, TV presenter and film-maker Thapelo Mokoena

Mokoena brand ambassador for German fragrance

By Nokuthula Zwane Time of article published Aug 1, 2018

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Television actor, presenter, film-maker and now brand ambassador of Tabac, Thapelo Mokoena is proud of his African roots.

“The world is getting closer to us as Africans,” he said after it was announced on Friday that he would be the first African ambassador for the classic German fragrance, Tabac.

Recognised for his stylish grooming and classic man image, Mokoena will represent Tabac in all public relations, communications and related programme activations as the embodiment of the brand’s ethos: “You are the original”.

“It feels cool and incredible to consistently be on this journey of collaborations. When I look at my life and my journey in the arts, I’ve really been blessed with great collaborations and partnerships.

“I foresee many more years for myself and Tabac It’s a really cool brand and I think it speaks to who I am,” he said.

With three major brands offering a deal, Mokoena said the German fragrance complemented and echoed who he is: an amazing African man and father, who is inspired and driven to play on the global stage.

“Africa is suddenly the centre of attraction. It’s just that with the coming of age and with time, things are changing and the digital world is bringing the whole world closer to us,” said the 35-year-old.

Mokoena, who has about 12 years’ experience in the entertainment industry, said he was honoured to be the first African ambassador for Tabac.

“The idea is seemingly the mysterious part of the global community and suddenly the film and drama series, communications, fashion campaigns and beauty brands, the focus is coming back to Africa.

“There is no better time to be in Africa, especially to be a creative in Africa.

“We are slowly introducing ourselves to the world, and the world is incredibly welcoming and in awe of us,” he added.

To cap it all, he recently announced that his family would be welcoming a new member in the next few weeks.

Mokoena, who is known as the “China” in a TV advert for a brand of cider, has since worked with various clothing brands.

“Being an entrepreneur, especially in the entertainment industry, is the way to go,” he said.


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