Theresa Oelofse and her daughter Dominique Monaghan. Oelofse's husband Johannes made Dominique a sex slave for eight years. Dominique's biological parents, gave written permission for The Star to publish their real names and photos. Picture: Nhlanhla Phillips/African News Agency(ANA)
Johannesburg - The mother of a 23-year-old mentally-ill woman, who endured eight years as her stepfather's sex slave, has rejected the rapist's plea for leniency because of his advanced age and depression.

Convicted rapist Johannes Oelofse, 60, argued, through his lawyer advocate Marius van Wyngaard at the Gauteng High Court, Johannesburg on Thursday that  that he should not receive the prescribed minimum sentence for the egregious acts he committed on Dominique Monaghan. Theresa Oelofse and Glen Monaghan, Dominique's biological parents, gave written permission for The Star to publish their real names and photos.

Dominique has been clinically diagnosed with the cognitive abilities of a 6-year-old girl. However, Van Wyngaard maintained that his client's age as well as his anxiety and depression, which he is taking medication for, should allow the court to be lenient on the child rapist.

Oelofse was convicted in May of five grotesque sex crimes including rape, sexual assault, sexually grooming a person who is mentally challenged, exposure or displaying child pornography or pornography to a mentally challenged person, and compelling Dominique to watch him masturbate.

Some of the shocking acts he perpetrated on the vulnerable victim include forcing her to shave her vagina and committing sex acts.

A visibly angry Theresa said Johannes never took mental illness seriously when she was depressed, but now wanted to “worm his way out” of serving a lengthy term for his crimes.

“You know, when I was struggling with depression because of all the things he put us through as a family, he used to tell me: ‘you’re f*****g crazy - gaan drink jou maal pilletjies (go and drink your crazy-person pills). That was his take on mental illness.

“And now he wants to plead depression. Really, he wants to use that when I know what his views were before?” Theresa said.

Van Wyngaard stressed, though, that the “incompetent” health services of prisons should also play to his client's favour.

“Although the incompetent health services of the correctional services is not a bar from sentencing an accused to a period of direct imprisonment, it is submitted that the age and medical condition of the accused, and the poor health services rendered by the correctional services indeed constitute substantial and compelling circumstances in order for this court not to impose the prescribed minimum sentence of life imprisonment for the imposition of such sentence will, with respect, most probably mean that the accused will die in prison,” Van Wyngaard argued.

But this was rejected by prosecutor Nerisha Naidoo, who said Oelofse showed no remorse for his shocking crimes as the rapist has maintained he has done nothing wrong.

Oelofse will know his fate next week.

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