Moonchild Sanelly will use her unique sound to showcase her African magic at the MTN Bushfire Festival taking place from May 24-26. Picture: Supplied

The tagline “Bring Your Fire” is MTN Bushfire Festival’s call to action, a concept that encourages the proactive contribution of the individual. Your fire is your energy, your spirit, your passion and your drive to make a difference.

Since its inception, Bushfire has encouraged participants and guests alike to heed this call, and in the process the festival has achieved a worldwide reputation for its visionary and authentic approach to raising awareness of the need for social change.

As a celebration of the human spirit, Bushfire encourages the joy of creative expression and invites everyone to contribute and engage through a programme of creative workshops, discussions, art exhibitions and guest speakers. This programme of interactive events enables conversation and debate that leads to a better understanding of the issues faced, from community level challenges to global concerns.

This year, during the festival, taking place from May 24 – 26 in Eswatini, the Bring Your Fire Zone will be located at the very heart of the festival.

Within the zone, various partners and festival goers actively engage with the social themes to make their own contributions and bring the festival’s commitment to creative activism to life.

This year's themes are: Inclusion and tolerance, environmental sustainability, sexual reproductive health, gender diversity, equality and empowerment, and child social protection.


Moonchild Sanelly is one of the South African acts who will be bringing her energy to the MTN Bushfire stage. The singer and dancer answered some questions ahead of her performance later this month:

TS: What message are you trying to get across with your music?

MS: We have a voice and it must be used and it matters

TS: How do you celebrate Africa?

MS: By being African and using our culture and morals - be it in language, attire or manner of dancing - to impact the rest of the world.

TS: What is your take on the reception of African music across the continent?

MS: My sound is very unique. You can’t mistake the originality of where I come from nor can you my language, that’s why it is easier to express myself and try create relation to the rest of the world.

TS: Are there any particular artists from the continent that you would like to collaborate with?

MS: I am currently working with a lot of Nigerian artists. With others, honestly if I like your sound and style, I am always willing to make something beautiful.

TS: What is in store for your Bushfire performance?

MS: Showing the world we are magic! We have been the future and now everybody will know. I’m one of the ones that will add my two cents to that mission.

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