A tweet from the Mr South Africa account with pictures of the 2019 finalists was probably intended to show the best of what the country has to offer and also get the hearts of women racing.

However, it managed to do the the complete opposite resulting in the pageant being criticised for the pictures' bad quality, the ridiculing of finalists' looks  and with some people likening the men to criminals.

As the riducule intensified, the account's admin, was, however, not afraid to take head on those that made fun of the finalists such as when @iKingVele_Le laughed and questioned whether those were the sexiest men in the country.

That prompted the account's admin to say: Hang on, we never said you need to be Sexy to be Mr SA. All we ask is dedication to a better SA and a good heart. If that’s not good enough for our country then we don’t know what else to give you."

Later when @XhantiPayi tweeted: “As I once asked Celine Dion, why the long face", again the admin was once again not about to let the ridiculing of the men continue.

"Ok Mr photogenic. If you can top these boys then please enter," the admin tweeted.

Unable to take the ridicule anymore, the Mr South Africa Twitter account ended removing the picture of the men.

However, that led to more ridicule.

The winner will be announced in a few months.