Multiparty charter parties concerned at possibility of SA becoming a failed state

Multiparty charter parties concerned at possibility of SA becoming a failed state. Picture: Kailene Pillay/IOL

Multiparty charter parties concerned at possibility of SA becoming a failed state. Picture: Kailene Pillay/IOL

Published Nov 28, 2023


Eight political parties belonging to the Multi-Party Charter have gathered in Boksburg, once again slamming the ANC government for its failures while vowing to ensure that SA does not become another failed state.

With the country facing a series of social and economic issues, including rampant corruption, crime, unprecedented stages of load shedding and a declining stagnant economy, the parties urged civil society to join them to ensure that the country’s demise is averted before it is too late.

To avoid the precipice, the parties declared war against the ruling party and vowed to unseat the ANC from power in the 2024 elections through a multiparty government of eight like-minded parties.

Among the parties represented at the gathering with civil society at the Birchwood Hotel on Tuesday were the ACDP, FF Plus, ActionSA, IFP, Spectrum National Party, United Independent Movement and Independent South African National Civic Organisation as well as the DA.

The parties engaged civil society organisations such as Outa, Action Society and other community organisations in a bid to oust the ANC from power.

DA leader John Steenhuisen said the purpose of the meeting was to hear from civil society on how best to mobilise support for the upcoming elections.

“We would like civil society organisations to share with us what they think we need to do to bring about the political change South Africa so desperately needs.

“We might not agree on everything but we have come together to try to come up with solutions on how we can rescue our country from the jaws of a failed state and the terrible situation we find ourselves in,” he said.

ActionSA national chairperson, Michael Beaumont called on civil society to join the multiparty in its bid to take control away from the ANC government.

“South Africa is in trouble. You do not need me to elaborate on various facts and figures that demonstrate how seriously in trouble SA is ... this calls for us to sit together and bring about change.

“The second fact is that the ANC will fall below 50% in the upcoming elections. That is now common cause ... this is the fact that brings us together today despite the differences we may have,” he said.

IFP leader Velenkosini Hlabisa pledged the party’s commitment in helping the charter win the upcoming general elections.

“The IFP recognises the power of working together in partnership with people who share our vision. We bring to the charter, a valuable and viable concept of leadership.

“Our founder, and late emeritus was well-known and well-respected by all South Africans because he always acted with integrity,” he said.

Pieter Groenewald of the FF Plus said only a united multiparty coalition with the help of civil society will help unseat the ANC from power.

“It’s not political parties that determine how strong the multiparty charter will be. Now we must say to each other, we will be able to bring change to the country.

“There is not a single party on its own that would be able to save South Africa from the ANC government. Each and everyone of us has to do something to protect ourselves from the governing party,” he said.