Nomcebo Zikode rides wave of Jerusalema success with new album release

Nomcebo Zikode. Picture: Supplied

Nomcebo Zikode. Picture: Supplied

Published Aug 14, 2020


Johannesburg - Nomcebo Zikode is releasing her full album Xola Moya Wami today to allow people to choose which song resonates with them most.

“I chose the first single release to be Xola Moya Wami, because when I was writing this song, I wrote it after a week into lockdown.

"I was in a state of shock and fear and thought God was punishing me because of my own sins. In the song I am asking God to forgive the sins I do in the flesh. My spirit longs to do what He wills,” she said.

Zikode’s release comes at an opportune time as her hit with Master KG Jerusalema has taken the world by storm. Her lyrics on the track have been a hit with YouTubers across the globe.

“When I was writing the lyrics for Jerusalema, things weren’t going right for me. I had been a backing vocalist for so many years and I asked God constantly to bless me with the talent that I have. For it to be heard and His purpose be fulfilled. I always write music from the heart.

"I live music and any music that is not written with any meaning doesn’t sit well with me. It has to shoot straight to the heart and speak to people to leave a message.”

Zikode wants this album to be a praise to God and for people to see that though people are not perfect, God loves them as they are.

“Just because of the mistakes we make, He does not turn his back on us. There are so many things that have been happening around the world and now we too are experiencing them. I was broken when I wrote that song and He is showing his might.”

She worked with several producers including Master KG and Mr Brown.

“In another song I talk about the hate people give just from seeing the life you portray on social media. They don’t know your struggle but will be jealous of your life not knowing what you have gone through. I want people to accept themselves as they are and know that the celebrity life also comes with its own problems. Just because it looks perfect, it does not mean it is.”

Zikode’s favourite song on her album is Indlela.

“I play this one all the time in the car. It talks about how as children we are told what is right and what is wrong but still we go ahead and make mistakes. In my dreams I am asking for one last chance to do right.”

Her music is written from her own life experiences.

“Whether it’s from a specific pain I was feeling at the time, maybe from someone who posted insults on my social media pages out of nowhere and I penned that feeling. That’s how I write.”

Zikode added that the journey of life was not easy and it was important for people to realise that.

“There is a song Bayabuza Abantu specifically for fans who've been asking me about releasing an album. They've been supporting me and wanting me to come out and give them music. Even though I missed out on several awards I am encouraged that my music is loved and is being played all over the world.”

The album is now available on digital platforms.

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