Ntethe talks about being part of the Rainbow Nation Fest

Ntethelelo “Ntethe” Mposwa. Picture: Supplied

Ntethelelo “Ntethe” Mposwa. Picture: Supplied

Published Dec 12, 2023


As the world-class festival concert honouring the Day of Reconciliation draws closer, headliners have expressed their excitement about being a part of the much-anticipated Rainbow Nation Festival.

Ntethelelo “Ntethe” Mposwa, the King of Afro Music, talks about his involvement and shares his enthusiasm for the festival set to happen on December 16 at Bears Palace.

“This one is a big one, from the line-up and I mean it is that first event that will unite people besides sports such as rugby. So I am excited to be part of Rainbow Nation Fest. I will be performing on the 16th going down with Naimah performing ‘Uyandonwabisa’ and other songs. People can expect nice music,” he said.

His second single, “Uyandonwabisa”, features Afro trap/Afro pop melodies that are complemented by Ntethe’s remarkably powerful voice and Naimah’s distinctively calming vocals.

Speaking about the song he said: “It’s all about love. It’s self-explanatory. The inspiration behind it is love. It’s a beautiful summer song, it is an Afrobeat with Naimah an artist from Zambia,” said Mposwa.

Naimah is an artist with many facets who is becoming known for her ability to blend genres that have an affinity for urban and African sounds.

Mposwa also spoke candidly about his musical journey, citing his mother as a driving force behind his musical career.

Speaking about Naimah, he highlighted the importance of features: “I love features because they allow you to tap into the other person’s fan base or people or people who love their music. And the other person gets to tap into your fan base as well. For me, this feature was more important because it is not just about South Africa.”

Ntethe is a singer, songwriter, vocal producer, and CEO of Ntethe Music Records, which is published by Universal Music Publishing Group, and has developed and produced a wide range of artists.

He has also written songs for well-known artists such as Berta and Amanda Black.

Ntethe, true to his nature, decided to embark on this next chapter of his life to broaden his talent and skill set as both a producer and a vocalist.

The inaugural Rainbow Nation Fest is set to feature live musical performances from an all-star line-up that includes DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small (Scorpion Kings), Kurt Darren, Master KG, Ricus Nel, Zola 7, Samantha Leonard, Lwah Ndlunkulu, Dozi, DJ Zinhle and Mac G, among others.

Various bands from various genres will serenade the masses with their popular musical hits, and the dress code is “colourful”, in keeping with the theme of “the Rainbow Nation”.

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