Obscura Cocktail Bar, a classy new joint in trendy Rosebank

The Obscura Cocktail Bar, which is located in lively Rosebank.Picture: Itumeleng English/ Independent Newspapers

The Obscura Cocktail Bar, which is located in lively Rosebank.Picture: Itumeleng English/ Independent Newspapers

Published Jun 4, 2024


With Rosebank known to be the epicentre for sophisticated pubs and dining establishments, Obscura Cocktail Bar is carving itself out as one of the must-visit classy joints in the trendy suburb.

The bar offers the most satisfying visit possible with its enticing layout, exceptional service, delectable and diverse food selection, and exquisite drinks.

The setting overlooks a busy street, presenting an enjoyable and visually appealing experience.

Behind the excellent bar, that visitors can now appreciate, is a riveting story about mixologist and operational owner/director George Hunter, who began as a barman and has since progressed to become an owner with many belts.

The Star sat down with Hunter, who was animated, to persuade patrons to people should visit his bar.

“I started bartending in 2014. I started at Hardrock Cafe, so the reason I mention that is because my right man in this shop was a bartender with me from those days. So a lot of the staff that is here with me are guys that I have worked with for years. They are literally like family to me. It makes it a lot easier to run a shop when the people that you have are trustworthy. I think a big blessing I have in this shop is the team that I have with me. The fact that I know that if I am not here tomorrow, the guests will have the same experience as if I were here. That is a huge thing for me because I didn't want to open a cocktail bar that was only good when I was here.’’

He says there was a lot of work that went into the establishment's launch, and Obscura Cocktail Bar is the culmination of a decade of hard work and dedication.

He also gives credit to his business partners, Ricardo da Costa and Lee Govender, who have also played a huge role in making the venue one of the finest dining establishments in Rosebank.

South Africa - Johannesburg - 04 June 2024 - George Hunter, mixologist and operational owner/director, introduced Obscura Cocktail Bar, which is located in the lively Rosebank area. Picture: Itumeleng English/ Independent Newspaper

Hunter, celebrating a decade of service, aims to make the location the world's top cocktail destination, providing visitors with an exceptional experience while immersing themselves in the beauty and fun of the location.

His remarkable experience has also seen him crowned as the Absolute Global invite winner.

He also placed 2nd in Beefeater Mixldn Global, 2nd in Angostura AGCC regionals of Africa and the Middle East, and Best Bartender in South Africa.

Hunter’s dedication to his job has garnered numerous praises, and he remains unchanged, ensuring that people can expect decent service.

“I think what people can expect is to see the same person. I am the same guy who loves food. I love bartending. I love serving people. And they can experience the best drinks and best food.”

Asked about his hopes he said: “What I want to do is to provide an opportunity that has been given to me to other people. So I would love to for example open a shop, maybe a late night cocktail bar with drinks only. Maybe a fine dining shop at another station. So I want to open a variety of shops.”

The establishment, which open from Tuesday to Sunday, likewise caters to a diverse fan base while focusing on hospitality and adhering to the notion of doing things differently.

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