OSCAR nominated film Green Book stars Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali

Oscar season is upon us and the team at Ster-Kinekor gave The Star a look into the hottest movies, the recent SA film summit that took place and how they are encouraging development in the film space. 

What is Oscar Buzz about?

Each year, all the attention from all entertainment stakeholders ranging from film producers to film fanatics turns to The Oscar awards. This glamorous ceremony which celebrates the excellence of film making is an opportunity for the brilliant films that film exhibitors such as Ster-Kinekor Theatres bring to the South African audiences. The campaign forms part of the world buzz, interest and anticipation for the annual broadcast which will reveal who will walk away with highest honours in film making.

Do people tend to go to the cinema more often when a movie has been nominated for awards? Why?

The Oscar Buzz helps increase the audience’s awareness and interest in seeing the Oscar nominated films as it provides an understanding on why these films have been nominated. This in turn gives the them a profound understanding of the artistry that goes into the making of the nominated films before the winners are announced.

What makes a movie like Matwetwe perform so well?

It is truly motivational to see South African films that are well received locally as this is an indication that our film industry is now more than ever, strategically investing in the entirety of film making, from the conception of the script to how the film is marketed and exhibited in cinema, one such example is Matwetwe.

The Department of Arts and Culture recently hosted the first ever SA Film Summit, what programmes does Ster-Kinekor have for upcoming filmmakers?

This marks the third year that Ster-Kinekor has taken part in the sponsorship of the SAFTAS awards – Youth Achiever Award. The focus is investing in the future of film in South Africa, which we believe lies in the hands of young people in the film industry. Focusing on growing the youth market is a key sector within our marketing strategy. This sponsorship opportunity further strengthens that strategy. It also gives us access to some of the exciting and developing talent within the sector, who are destined for future success.

How is cinema doing when faced with the likes of streaming services like Netflix? 

The cinema will continue to be a dominant player in the entertainment space because the cinema provides more than just a movie but the experience. It is for this reason that Ster-Kinekor Theatres has various brand offering namely; IMAX, D-BOX, Cine Prestige, Cinema Nouveau and the Kids cinema. This is to ensure that we create the best cinema experience that goes beyond the movie.