Picture: Nhlanhla Phillips/African News Agency (ANA) Archives

There was drama when metro police officers found themselves having to fight flames after the owner of a takeaway joint fled his establishment without having switched off the stove first.

The officers were in an establishment next door busy with Operation Buya Mthetho when the man saw them. 

Scared that he would be the next one to face the might of the law, he is alleged to have told his staff to knock off, closed the restaurant and made a run for it but with the stove still on.

The place caught fire and the officer had to put down the flames and call firefighters who later brought it under control.

Spokesperson for the Joburg Metro Police, Wayne Minnaar said the incident happened on Tuesday night while they were busy with the operation.

He said they had received complaints from many people, complaining about the excessive noise from some nightclubs.

One of the clubs they went to is called Kiss Kiss in the Joburg CBD.

"We confiscated the club's sound system because of very loud noise. You can't play music so loud that everyone next to you can't sleep or hear themselves talk," he said.

Minnaar said they shut down the club as it had  been operating illegally.

While still dealing with the nightclub, Minnaar said the owner of a nearby take-away joint got a fright when he saw police conducting the operation.

"He quickly told his staff to knock off then closed the business. However, he had not switched off the stove so the place caught alight. We later found out that he did that because his business did not comply with regulations.

"He was operating his business until late at night, outside his working time and not complying with conditions of his license."

Minnaar said they issued the owner with a fine.

All in all, Minaar said, they visited 11 nightclubs, closed two and confiscated their sound systems. He said the owners will pay R2900 to release the sound systems.

He also said they found a taxi alleged to have been used in among others robberies.