PAC reclaims its place with manifesto launch

PAC reclaims its place with manifesto launch. Picture: Ian Landsberg African News Agency (ANA).

PAC reclaims its place with manifesto launch. Picture: Ian Landsberg African News Agency (ANA).

Published Mar 3, 2024


One of the country’s oldest liberation movements, the Pan Africanist of Azania (PAC), reclaimed its glory with an election manifesto launch held at the Orlando Communal Hall, Soweto on Saturday.

The party unveiled what it terms its Road to an Africanist Socialist Democracy, with the Africanisation of the country’s legal and justice system being at the centre of its manifesto.

Speaking to members of the party gathered, PAC president Mzwanele Nyhontso committed his party to the decolonisation of the country’s justice system, saying the country’s legal and judicial system must reflect African culture, morality and values.

He said the party had faced many of challenges along the way and was now in a better position to reclaim its glory in the country’s political landscape.

“From the onset, it is important to state openly that we have travelled on a rough road with twists and turns. With high peaks and low levels. We have zig-zagged the tide and even gone backwards to draw our strength. We have learnt from this experience I am talking about. It is important to state that these rough experiences have made us tough. They say in politics, when the going gets tougher ... We have paid our school fees.”

He said unlike the ANC, the PAC intends to serve in the best interests of its citizens.

“Friends and allies, comrades and fellow Africanists, we are launching this manifesto as our pledge to continue to serve the people. The manifesto provides details and it is an expression of the will to serve with diligence and a sense of duty.”

Nyhontso also used the opportunity to unveil the party’s 14-point plan whereby the party intends to turn South Africa around through building a functional, dependable and reliable state.

“We advocate for a unified state that upholds national values. The state’s function is to provide justice, accountability, security and the safety of its citizens and all its assets. The government must be trustworthy,” he said.

Nyhontso added that the country’s fortunes can only be turned around through a radical and a different constitution and legal system which espouses the values and the culture of being African.

“The country’s legal and judicial system must reflect African culture, moral values, patterns of behaviour and punishment methods. We call for the current system to be decolonised. The Constitution of the country must be subjected to continuous improvement in line with the wishes for national liberation. A plebiscite must be conducted by votes where improvements and amendments to the Constitution are required,” he said.

The manifesto launch was also attended by ATM leader Vuyo Zungula and other leaders from various formations, including a representative from the Palestinian Authority, Diana Ruhmi, who pledged their messages of support to the liberation movement.

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