Popular radio host Carol Ofori bags an international nomination



Published Nov 10, 2022


Johannesburg - Renowned radio host and voice-over artist Carol Ofori is brimming with pride after bagging a nomination for the International Prestigious Sovas Voice Arts Award.

Ofori has been nominated in the Outstanding Commercial Radio or Streaming Best African Voice-over category for her performance in the ratings for the school radio advert that aired on East Coast Radio.

The multi-faceted personality is the voice behind many of my favourite radio and television adverts as well as behind one of the largest radio stations in the country.

Speaking about her thrilling nomination, she said: “I am so excited about this nomination. To be recognised on the continent is something really special. The Ratings For Schools advertisement was one I had written and voiced myself. It’s so fun and catchy. Not only does this nomination recognise the hard work I put into my voice-overs, but the detail in my scriptwriting as well. For it all to be about the business my husband and I started is the cherry on top!”

The Voice Arts Awards are uniquely designed to honour the community of performers and craft professionals who perform, direct, produce, cast, engineer and publish media productions where voice acting is a central creative element of the work.

The purpose of the Voice Arts Awards is to provide a stage for international acknowledgement of the extraordinary skill and artistry that goes into voice-over acting and to hold up an evolving best-in-class standard of achievement to which the voice-over industry can continually aspire.

The awards are similar to the Oscars, Emmys and Tonys, where the work is entered into various categories, judged and scored by a panel of industry experts and the top five scores in each category become nominees.

A final round of judging determines the winner in each category.

Coincidentally, Ratings for Schools is the platform that Ofori started with her husband, Greg Ofori.

Ratings for Schools offers parents, students and teachers the opportunity to find schools based on their individual needs.

The goal is to assist parents across the country by making the process of finding the right school for their children simpler than ever before. Parents can find schools from crèche to high school level, and it is entirely free to use.

Previous winners at the Sovas Voice Arts Awards include Sigourney Weaver, Jonah Hill, Cate Blanchett, Kit Harrington and Kristin Wiig.

Ofori recently shared important lessons for aspiring voice-over artists to get them started.

As someone who has made an impressive career as a voice-over artist, she admits that when she started out, she had to figure everything out as she went along.

However, with the advancement of technology and equipment that helps her record her voice from the comfort of her home studio, the radio host understands why interest in becoming a voice-over artist is growing.

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