Potelwa is super stoked about hosting ‘Tropika Island of Treasure’

Zanele Potelwa announced as new host on Tropika Island of Treasure season 11. Picture: Supplied

Zanele Potelwa announced as new host on Tropika Island of Treasure season 11. Picture: Supplied

Published Feb 21, 2024


Zanele Potelwa, a well-known media personality, expressed her excitement at being the host of the new season of 'Tropika Island of Treasure'.

Viewers can expect Potelwa to be the ultimate hype woman, cheering on the contestants as they battle it out for the coveted title of “Island Warrior” and the chance to win life-changing prizes.

The media personality, who is animated to be part of the award-winning game show, told The Star that she grew up watching it and that it has always been entertaining for her.

“I thought it would be amazing to host something like it. A couple of years ago, that’s when I started thinking about when I would join the entertainment industry. And now this is just one of those things that came even sooner than I had hoped.

“It is genuinely such an honour to be amongst some of the biggest names in South African entertainment to come through and be part of hosting this specific show. One of the longest-running reality competition shows in SA. And I get to be part of it; it means so much.”

Speaking about the show, she said viewers can brace themselves for a ball of entertainment with celebrities also ready to turn the volume up in Zanzibar, where the show will take place this year.

“I think everyone can just expect spice, everything nice, and big things coming out of Zanzibar because it is season eleven after all. Is it going to be heaven? You know definitely for the winners, 100%. But I also think that it is going to be heaven indeed for our viewers because of what I heard about our celebrities.

“It is people we know and love. I think it will be such a special thing because it is something on the African continent. But it is also just South African in every sense of the word. I think it is also something that will be memorable in terms of Season 11 of Tropika Island of Treasure. And I can’t wait to serve it up in the smoothest way,” said Potelwa.

With each episode delivering exciting challenges, surprising turns, and touching moments of bonding, the programme that enthralled audiences for more than ten years is sure to keep fans glued to their screens.

This year, viewers can expect an epic new chapter as intrepid contestants embark on a thrilling quest for buried treasure.

The upcoming show, scheduled for September, will once again test a new group of contestants to see who can overcome their fears and outsmart their opponents for the ultimate prize.