PowerFM host Onkgopotse JJ Tabane

The state capture commission of inquiry continues to cause ripples and has claimed PowerFM host Onkgopotse JJ Tabane as its latest victim.

Tabane is the host of Power Perspective and the station has temporarily suspended for allegedly using the show for his personal matters to deal with what had emanated from the Commission with regards to former Communications Minister Faith Muthambi. 

Events that led to Tabane's suspension started when acting Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) CEO, Phumla Williams, broke down while testifying at the Commission how Muthambi had "tortured" her during her tenure as the department's acting director general.

Tabane then tweeted: “Faith Muthambi… this is a horror story.”

However, spin doctor Chris Vick then responded to Tabane tweeting" “but you used to work for #faithmuthambi when she was communications minister, bro. Didn’t you set up that huge advisory panel for her (the one I resigned from) and write those ridiculous opinion pieces in her name? Weren’t you advising her? #StateCaptureInquiry @Powerfm987”.

After many discussions on Twitter, both Tabane and Vick became guests on Thabiso Tema's Power Drive. The following day, however, Tabane dedicated over six minutes of the intro of his show, Power Perspective, to apologise to Williams, something that the station was not happy with.

In the statement, the station said Power Perspective was a signature and credibility driven show on POWER 98.7. and it's purpose was to "authentically and authoritatively" facilitate, reflect and analyse the most critical developments in the country.

"Power Perspective is a personality-driven programme which is reflective and futuristic in its outlook.

"Station Manager, Mr Bob Mabena, afforded Mr JJ Tabane the opportunity to appraise the station about the veracity of the allegations which were raised within the context of the ongoing debate around State Capture, linking him to alleged improper conduct emanating from his association with former Minister Faith Muthambi.

"The Station Manager specifically requested Mr JJ Tabane to clarify the allegations contained in Mr Chris Vick’s tweet on 03 September 2018 as well as his pronouncements and conduct in the subsequent interview that he and Mr Chris Vick participated in on the Power Drive on Tuesday, September 4 2018.

"Mr JJ Tabane assured the Station Manager that he had made full disclosure of all material facts pertaining to the matter.

"Nevertheless, on Wednesday September 05, without prior warning to and approval from the Station Manager, Programme Manager or Executive Producer, Mr JJ Tabane deviated from the show format and dedicated the introduction of the show to his personal matters, extending an apology to Ms Phumla Williams for his own conduct, which he attributed to his then ambition and interests as well as those of Minister Faith Muthambi.

"POWER 98.7 views Mr JJ Tabane’s failure to make the foregoing material disclosures as well as the utilisation of the programme for personal purposes in a serious light.

"In light of all these developments, Power 98.7 considered it prudent to suspend Mr JJ Tabane’s hosting of Power Perspective, whilst it considers the implications of his conduct.

"It is our desire that this matter is resolved expeditiously and POWER 98.7 will communicate its final position to the listeners and the public soon.

The Star