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Pretoria teacher guilty of sexually assaulting pupil, threatening her into silence with gun

By Bongani Nkosi Time of article published Jul 10, 2020

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A Temba, north of Pretoria, secondary school teacher has been found guilty of sexually abusing a 17-year-old learner by inserting his finger into her private part.

JD Khoza, a teacher for 10 years, was also found guilty by S Fourie, arbitrator at the Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC), on the charge of showing the Grade 10 learner a gun as a way of threatening her into silence.

In the ruling delivered at the ELRC offices in Centurion last week, Fourie said Khoza’s dismissal from the employment of the Gauteng Department of Education should be effective from March 23, 2020.

Khoza was also declared unsuitable to work with children, meaning his name should be registered in the sex offenders register held by the Department of Social Development.

Fourie further directed the ELRC to forward a copy of the ruling to the South African Council for Educators (Sace).

“The attention of Sace is drawn to the fact that educator Khoza has sexually assaulted a learner by inserting his finger in her vagina and threatening her to kill her with a gun if she would tell anyone of being sexually harassed,” said Fourie.

The assault happened in Khoza’s car in July 2019. Khoza and the girl met at a mall after school hours and he then took her to his plot and later to a guesthouse.

Khoza denied in his testimony before Fourie that he sexually assaulted the learner identified as Learner A.

He also denied threatening her with his gun, which was taken by police following the assault.

He accused the learner of setting him up, submitting she acted strangely towards him after he gave her a zero for a life science exercise she allegedly copied.

Khoza maintained the two pictures and a voice recording the learner produced from the incident were proof that she set him up.

The learner took the pictures and recording clandestinely, and testified she did so to have evidence of where Khoza took her to sleep with her.

“Snippets of the recording directs to a discussion with a strong sexual tone between a teacher and a learner,” said Fourie.

It was during this sex talk that Khoza put his finger inside the girl’s vagina.

“Khoza said they will do it on the floor to which she replied that she’s afraid. He responded that he will hold her and be gentle with her, not hurting her. Learner A resisted and Khoza said that he had aroused feelings when they talk about sex and whether Learner A felt aroused too, to which she said no.

“Khoza then put his finger inside her vagina to feel if she is wet. He then said that she is lying to him because she is wet. She recorded this discussion,” said Fourie.

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