The mobile classroom torched at Oakdale Secondary School in Ennerdale.

Johannesburg - One of the security guards at Oakdale Secondary School said he knew about the "inhumane" conditions under which pupils taught.

The guard was speaking on Monday morning as pupils and the community took to the streets demanding that their school infrastructure be improved.

The furious community had from as early as 3am closed off the roads into and out of their township. A mobile classroom from the school was set alight in the chaos.

Boys toilets a Oakdale Secondary School in Ennerdale.

The guard, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the mobile classes in which the pupils learn were problematic due to damage the rain does to the structure.

The man said although he was fairly new at the school, what he had seen was enough to conclude that the situation was not conducive for children to learn under.

"How will children cope under these conditions? We've complained and the government agreed to fix the school at the beginning of this year. We definitely stand with the pupils because this is inhumane," he added. 

Broken windows of one of the classrooms at Oakdale Secondary School.

One of the parents, Natalie Koopman, said they were fed up with mobile classes and that the roof of one of the classes flew off last year September. 

With regards to the burnt classroom, Koopman said, they were not the ones who did it.

"We never burnt the classroom, we're not sure who did.

"We were standing outside the school gate and just saw smoke," she said.