Actress Thishiwe Ziqubu.
Actress Thishiwe Ziqubu.

Pushing for true beauty in the time of unattainable societal beauty standards

By Mpiletso Motumi Time of article published Apr 13, 2021

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Johannesburg - Self-care has become a fundamental part of beauty. While the rise of social media has increased unattainable societal beauty standards, there is also a wave that is pushing what true beauty is and it all starts with self-care.

On Monday, Arc Store launched a new luxury beauty destination that aims to focus on inclusivity and individuality.

The omni-channel is a beauty destination for fragrance, make-up and skincare.

In conversation with several beauty influencers and experts, the brand took to social media to start a new conversation about beauty.

“Beauty is knowing who you are. Acknowledging that nothing should ever be about perfection but rather about your truth. Beauty can be acquired through so many things, whether it is fashion, accessories, make up, etc, but at the end of the day it’s who you truly are and what you embody,” said Jackie Burger, a matriarch of South Africa’s fashion industry.

Born from the belief that the world would be a more beautiful place if beauty was embraced for its uniqueness and individuality, the brand’s goal is to be more inclusive and representative of the country.

“There is no doubt that 2020 and Covid-19 has been a challenging time for us all, but we’ve turned it into a time of innovation and creativity. We are the first dedicated beauty retailer to open in South Africa and will have the widest range of luxury brands by the end of this year. Arc aims to be the leading digital omni-channel beauty company, starting this month with the launch of our online store,” said marketing executive Kelly Fung.

Throughout the day the brand shared conversations on their platform about responsible beauty, selfcare, diversity, equality and the future of beauty.

In a conversation about what representation really looks like, Tshiamo Sedumedi, Thishiwe Ziqubu and Saadique Ryklief spoke on the importance of inclusivity.

“There was a time when black women were addicted to relaxers and skin lighteners to fit in. Nowadays we are celebrating each other and people are doing what is best for themselves. I believe the more natural is the way forward these days,” said Ryklief, a hair stylist to the stars.

“Most of the time big campaigns only come when it is trans month otherwise no one is coming to the party. We need brands that stand for those who have never been,” said Sedumedi on the inclusion of communities that were never seen in society.

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