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Monday, December 4, 2023

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Radio queen Ranaka says she is no longer suicidal

Dineo Ranaka. Picture: Instagram

Dineo Ranaka. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 27, 2023


Johannesburg - Famous radio personality Dineo Ranaka has penned a lengthy message to her fans, expressing gratitude for their overwhelming support after a mental health battle.

Ranaka revealed on her Instagram account that she had been diagnosed with severe chronic depression.

"For the calls, the texts, the prayers, the well wishes... THANK YOU! I've recently been diagnosed with Severe Chronic Depression. I feel like I need to allow myself to re-introduce myself to MYSELF because I've been a high-functioning person with depression. And this is dangerous! VERY DANGEROUS! I've been physically sick. REALLY physically sick. I've suspected myself of not being well for a bit over two months now. And eventually, I know why."

Ranaka also revealed that her symptoms had been in-sleep seizures, trouble waking up, trouble controlling her bladder, confusion, thoughts of harming herself, lacking energy to do anything, and meaningful deep empathy with those who had taken their lives.

The Kaya 959 radio host further added that she believed that depression was curable.

"The biggest question is: is Dineo suicidal? The answer WAS yes, but now it is no! It is NO because, to break the curse, I have to believe and say that I'm NOT!!! Does Dineo empathise with those who have committed suicide? The answer is YES. Because the ultimate symptom of depression is suicide, I get it now."

"Have I thought of taking my own life? The answer is yes. But I reverse the curse by declaring I AM NOT SUICIDAL! If at all you relate, I have faith in you. I believe in you. I hope you believe in yourself too. I hope you are willing to do the work to be okay. Mental health is so insanely misunderstood because depression is not the absence of happiness, so essentially, it is not sadness.

"It is the absence of VITALITY. Vitality being the zest to live," said Ranaka.

The popular media personality caught people’s attention on social media when she said she was trying her utmost not to "commit suicide".

The Breakfast Show host took to Instagram to express herself candidly, leaving her followers concerned.

"I COMPLETELY understand souls/spirits/ people that commit suicide. I get it. I get them. Because I'm trying my best to NOT commit suicide."

"My mind is sooooooo loud of late, and life is f*****g hard, so f*****g hard, and I'm trying my best, but it seems my best is not enough," she stated.

Friends, family, and fans have been showering the radio queen with messages of love and support.

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