Ramaphosa confident ANC will get over 50% in the 2024 elections

President Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: Itumeleng English/ Independent Newspapers.

President Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: Itumeleng English/ Independent Newspapers.

Published Feb 4, 2024


President Cyril Ramaphosa told scores of journalists in Mamelodi on Sunday that the ANC would attain more than 50% in the upcoming general elections.

Ramaphosa said the party was coming back with a bang, as the majority of South Africans still believe in the movement.

“We have a very good democratic dispensation that needs to be supported by all South Africans young and old, especially young people who must take it upon themselves to register because it is about the future. These coming elections are about the future of this country and the future lies in the hands of young people as they go forward.

“We want them to be interested to be deeply involved in our democracy. Whoever they are going to vote for it is important that they should be the authors of their own destinies and be able to say we are taking our destiny and our future into our hands,” the president said.

Ramaphosa also urged those young South Africans who had not voted to take this opportunity seriously and that they also needed to participate in these elections as the democracy was only worthy of its salt if it was supported by the people.

As the last day of the registration drew closer, Ramaphosa pleaded with millions of South Africans who had not yet registered to vote to take up the chance to register both online and physically.

The country’s first citizen also said he was using the registration week to meet up with young people who were getting ready for their 2024 academic year.

“This is a great registration weekend because we get to have a chance to get into people’s houses as well as get to hear their challenges and problems, and one of the major problems here in Mamelodi is water.”

Ramaphosa said many complaints he got were about water and non-working of transformers in the area.

“This is the municipality’s responsibility, as they are the ones that must be providing water, taking out refuse and just making sure that the township functions smoothly.

“I must say, I have not seen good governance here, since I walked around this township,” he added.

Ramaphosa committed that the national government would now take charge of the capital city’s water challenges moving forward.

“At the premier level, we are also going to look at the issues such as transformers, to help the people of Mamelodi because of the unfavourable situation they have witnessed as the organisation.”

Mamelodi resident Harmony Manyiki told The Star that she would believe all what the president has said when he delivers on his promises.

Manyiki said the ANC led-government had been at the helm for the past 30 years, adding that it was strange that they are only realising their living conditions.

“These people are just politicking as always, they really don’t take voters serious, they are here now because it’s the elections.

“We are used to this can’t of attention as residents, and we are going to see and hear more of these empty promises,” she said.

Ramaphosa was in Mamelodi phase 4 where he had visited the area to assess voter readiness in the final voter registration weekend.

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