RISE Mzansi pledges boost in support for single mothers ahead of 2024 elections

Activists hold up boards with the message 'We Rise: For Tax Relief for Single Mothers' during a demonstration organized by RISE Mzansi, advocating for increased support for single mothers in South Africa. Picture Supplied.

Activists hold up boards with the message 'We Rise: For Tax Relief for Single Mothers' during a demonstration organized by RISE Mzansi, advocating for increased support for single mothers in South Africa. Picture Supplied.

Published Apr 4, 2024


As South Africa braces for the upcoming 2024 elections, a new political movement has captured the attention of the nation with its unwavering commitment to single mothers.

RISE Mzansi, founded on the principles of social justice and equality, has positioned itself as a beacon of hope for marginalised communities, particularly single mothers, who have long been overlooked by mainstream politics.

During a public meeting in Nkomazi, Mpumalanga, on March 3, RISE Mzansi’s national leader, Songezo Zibi, made a bold announcement about the emerging political movement's unwavering commitment to addressing the plight of single mothers across South Africa. He outlined the organisation’s plan to care for single mothers.

At the heart of RISE Mzansi’s agenda lies a deep-rooted belief in the transformative power of collective action and the importance of uplifting those who have been left behind.

“The Constitution is a beautifully written document that specifies the type of society we must create from the broken pieces of our struggle for democracy and freedom.

“The country’s constitution,a social democratic manifesto, is not an empty document but a living contract between the people and the state,” Zibi said.

In a stirring declaration of solidarity, the movement has vowed to prioritise the needs of single mothers and implement concrete measures to improve their quality of life, he added.

“Important for RISE Mzansi’s platform is a comprehensive plan designed to give single mothers in the nation the much-needed support they require.

“In a recent demonstration of their commitment, activists affiliated with RISE Mzansi took to the streets, holding up boards emblazoned with the message ‘We Rise: Tax Relief for Single Mothers’.

“I stand in front of you as a child raised by a single mother. Many of you, including my colleague Makashule Gana, are the children of single mothers.

“Our mothers’ courage, love, and care have helped keep our homes and lives together. Unconditional strength, love, and care were and continue to be supplied in hard situations.”

Rise Mzansi leader Songezo Zibi. | OUPA MOKOENA/INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS s

Zibi added that more than 44% of households were headed by women, equating to 90% of children who were being raised by a single mother. With 3.7% of children being raised by a single father, they are not being left out of this plan to grow the children of the nation by providing all those who care for children with the support that they need.

RISE Mzansi will advance the following interventions:

  • Increase the personal income tax threshold for salaried single parents and implement a tax relief plan of up to R30 000 per year for single parents in the “missing middle” – those who earn too much to be eligible for the Child Support Grant but not enough to feed their children.
  • Increase the Child Support Grant and food poverty limit of R680 immediately. It should be up to R1 335 in the next two years. This will have a direct influence on children's healthy development, and it will be especially beneficial to single mothers who have no other means of support.
  • Make universal early childhood development (ECD) a top focus. Single mothers face barriers to education and employment due to a lack of inexpensive and accessible childcare options. Alternatively, they make significant sacrifices with little returns to keep their children safe during the day. We will implement universal early childhood development, as outlined in the National Development Plan. Furthermore, ECD centres will remain open until 6pm.
  • Enforce maintenance orders and improve access, efficacy of Maintenance Courts by encouraging fathers to take on responsibility for their children.
  • Change maternity leave. The party will change the Basic Conditions of Employment Act to require companies to pay for it.

“These measures will apply to all similarly situated child guardians, but as RISE Mzansi acknowledges, women bear the majority of the care load, particularly in rural communities like this one,” said Zibi.