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Johannesburg- Lerato Sengadi has claimed in an affidavit that the late king of Motswako, rapper HHP, paid R35000 of the R45000 lobola on the same day that the couple had their traditional ceremony.

Sengadi is locked in an ugly feud with the family of Jabulani Tsambo, popularly known as Jabba, who want him buried in North West and not Joburg as she wishes. The family claimed the couple were never customarily married.

In the affidavit, Sengadi stated: “I am Jabba’s lawful customary wife. It is my right and privilege to see to it that his last wishes are respected and that his legacy continues. This cannot be done in circumstances where I am discredited as his wife. I cannot allow people who did not even feel for him or care for him to make decisions regarding Jabba’s final destination.”

She also stated that she was not in it for the money and respected the wishes of the rapper to bequeath his estate to his son, Leano, in a trust.

However a family member of the rapper who refused to be named accused Sengadi of waging a dirty war that include stopping the family getting royalties from Jabba's music and going public about his alleged drug addiction and extra marital affairs.

The widow has also allegedly demanded Motswako king's ID book and death certificate.

Sengadi said her relationship with the musician dated back 20 years but they only became romantically involved in 2009.

She added that a 2015 proposal led to lobola negotiations the next year which were negotiated and paid on the same day as the celebration of the traditional wedding on February 28, something which came as a surprise to her. She also stated that HHP’s father Robert Tsambo, whom she is filing an urgent interdict against, congratulated the couple and embraced her.

She claimed the terms and means of payment were recorded in a meeting held with the families which was signed by HHP’s uncle and father. There was also video footage of the celebrations. In a bid to claim her rightful position as the customary wife, Sengadi filed the interdict on Tuesday, set to be heard in the high court in Joburg on Friday.

If Sengadi's interdict against HHP’s father Robert is granted, they will be restrained from proceeding with the funeral arrangements set for Saturday in the North West.

The family would then be obliged to release the remains and Jabba’s possessions to Sengadi.

In the affidavit, Sengadi also detailed the depression that the rapper went through and the demise of their relationship because of this.

She alleged that the rapper chose not to take medication or enter into a rehabilitation facility and that his alleged addiction to cocaine and CAT exacerbated the situation.

Sengadi said in March this year the relationship had gone sour.

She said Robert tried to lock her out of the matrimonial home on the day of the rapper’s death and over the following days ensured that she was kept in the dark about the star's possessions and other information.

Tsambo family spokesperson Nkululeko Ncana said the family had received the court application and their lawyers were dealing with the matter.

“We have full confidence in our courts and believe that a reasonable outcome in the interest of justice will be arrived at,” Ncana said.

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