Dan Roodt. File Picture: Werner Beukes/SAPA
Dan Roodt. File Picture: Werner Beukes/SAPA

SA women dress like prostitutes then complain about rape - Dan Roodt

By CHULUMANCO MAHAMBA Time of article published Sep 11, 2019

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Johannesburg - Women’s rights organisation People Opposing Women Abuse (Powa) has said Afrikaner author and commentator Dan Roodt was irresponsible following a tweet where he said local women dressed like prostitutes then complain about rape. 

This comes after gender-based violence (GBV), femicide and rape have dominated news and national discourse this past week. 

In light of this national issue, Roodt tweeted: “Many South African women dress like prostitutes. "Le look pute," as they call it in French. In an Afro-Marxist society where there are more rapists per square km than anywhere else. Then they complain about #rape.”

The author’s comments stirred conversation on Twitter about the correlation between how a woman is dressed and rape. 

“I think you're getting a bit confused by the fact that the number one cause of women getting raped is rapists and not having anything to do with what they wear. Even a little bit,” said Brett FISH Anderson (@BrettFishA).

Louise Bronn (@Louise_bronn) said that how a woman dressed was not the problem. 

“This is Disgusting dan. How any woman dresses is NOT the problem. This mindset that we are somehow to blame is the problem. Men who rape are the problem. Go and learn to be a better human,” she said. 

Bianca van Wyk (@BiancavanWyk16) questioned Roodt’s mental health. 

“Okay Dan, it's definitely time that you reach out and get some help.  Mental health is just as important as physical health and no one will judge you if you get the help you obviously need,” she said. 

Counselling manager from Powa Itumeleng Moloko said it was sad that there were people making these kinds of comments. 

“It is an irresponsible statement. Women have the right to dress how they like and nobody has the permission to touch them if they don’t give permission to them,” she said. 

Moloko added that Roodt’s statement was perpetuating violence against women. 

“We don’t want those people in our mists. Violence against women is serious, women are murdered and affected by violence, women are raped and left with the scars that take years to hear so such statements are irresponsible,” she said. 

Moloko also added that Roodt’s statements were the same as hate speech. 

“If he is an author, he is observant and he can read, he is aware of the status quo… He likes patriarchy because patriarchy works for him,” she said. 


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