Samro underlines the value of music licensing for DJs and event promoters

Photo: Samro

Photo: Samro

Published May 15, 2024


The Southern Africa Music Rights Organisation (Samro) explains that, according to the Copyright Act, no person may broadcast, cause the transmission of, or play a sound recording to a public audience without permission in the form of a licence.

This provision ensures that copyright owners receive compensation when their music is used for public broadcast.

Furthermore, amendments to the legislation now encompass digital and online platforms, demonstrating an updated approach to copyright regulation to address evolving technologies.

Samro added that it was critical for DJs and event promoters to follow the law because they were powerful players in the music industry who set trends and musical preferences.

They may guarantee that the musicians whose songs they play were paid their due royalties by securing a Samro music licence.

This would provide a stable financial support system for musicians as well as an environment that encouraged innovation and originality in the music business.

The organisation highlighted that its music licence was essential for any business or individual who plays music publicly, including DJs, event promoters, radio stations, pubs, clubs, and retail establishments.

The licensing fees collected by Samro were vital as they were distributed as royalties to the correct rights holders, supporting their livelihood and encouraging the continued production of music.

Karabo Senna, Samro’s general manager of sales and licensing, spoke about the importance of obtaining the music licence.

“By obtaining the Samro music licence, DJs and event promoters demonstrate a commitment to ethical practices and legal compliance, safeguarding the rights of music creators and stakeholders.

“Samro’s music license empowers DJs to legally play copyrighted music while ensuring music creators receive their royalties,” said Senna.

With the announcement of its exclusive relationship with Music Business Lab (MBL), the organisation unveiled a roster of 30 inspiring recipients for the 2024 Music Business Lab training programme.

It was revealed that a much-desired programme, meticulously developed to empower music publishers and promote long-term development in the music industry, had successfully completed its stringent selection procedure, providing access to a life-changing learning experience.

The chosen individuals will undertake a rigorous six-week curriculum that has been designed to handle the nuances of company management and music publishing.

Due to start today (May 16), the training curriculum will include subjects such as product invention, entrepreneurship development, and revenue enhancement.

The Music Business Lab training programme is a powerful testament to Samro’s commitment to nurturing talent and ensuring the sustainability of the music industry in South Africa.

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