Women and men clad in black descended at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange on Monday demanding that businesses get involved in the eradication on gender based violence. Picture: Lerato Selepe.

Johannesburg – Members of the ANC Women's League have called for a state of emergency saying they have had enough with women and children abuse in the country.

The women's league joined hundreds of other women dressed in black who blocked Maude Street on Friday morning in what has been termed #SandtonShutdown to voice their grievances against gender-based violence. 

As many as 10 000 people were expected to participate in the march that will see the protesters hand over a memorandum at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The protesters want businesses to play their part in helping to eradicate the scourge of gender based violence.

The Ekurhuleni ANCWL regional coordinator Joyce Moloto said their support for the march was to send a strong message that they have had enough as women. 

“We want our government to revise laws and strengthen it against those who rape and kill. We are calling for life sentences to those who kill and rape our future leaders,” Moloto added. 

The march was also attended by men who ‘believe’ that a fight against gender-based violence does not only involve women. 

Bobi Flo, 35 said he have been at the march since 7am as he came to stand in solidarity with the victims of gender-based violence.

“I came here with my girlfriend but I support all the victims, it is about that we as men stand up and take action,” Flo said. 

A large number of police officers were deployed to maintain order. 

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