Picture: Pexels.

Johannesburg - If you're one of the many South African who woke up on Friday to find that Sandton was trending you might have wondered what was happening in "Africa's Richest Square Mile".

Was it on fire? Was Kim Kardashian spotted shopping there, or did the nearby Alex residents - tired of their terrible living conditions -  leave their shacks and descend there to settle themselves in the affluent neighbourhood?.

It turns out, however, that the truth was even more sensational. 

A video of a couple having sex in one of the offices in Sandton has created a social media storm. The couple, a completely naked man and a woman in a yellow dress pulled all the way to her stomach, are seen having sex on a desk in the well-lit office oblivious to the fact they they are giving people outside - who were busy recording them - quite a performance.

Although it has not been confirmed exactly where this happened, some social media users claimed it was Sandton, specifically on Katherine Street. However, some users disputed this and said the video was not even shot in South Africa as the people recording the couple can be heard speaking a foreign language. 

The video led to social media users coming up with all sorts of stories about how the couple ended up on that desk. Some said the lady had got the job by promising the boss sex and was merely keeping the promise. 

Others said the woman was looking for a promotion and was therefore sleeping with the boss to get it, while some claimed the couple had told their respective partners that they would be working the late shift only for them to engage in coitus in the empty office while everyone had gone home.