Former water polo coach and hostel master at Parktown Boys' High School, Collan Rex, who faces among others attempted murder, rape, sexual assault, sexual grooming.
“Fun and games” is how self-confessed sex pest Collan Rex described his repeated choking and strangling of schoolboys, some of whom would pass out during this violent act.

Testifying at the South Gauteng High Court sitting in the Palm Ridge Magistrate's Court on Monday, Rex also contended that the sport's physicality could have been misconstrued by the schoolboys as acts of sexual assault due to the former mentor grabbing the boys' swimsuits inside the pool during practice sessions.

Rex a former water polo coach and hostel master at Parktown Boys' High School, 

This comes as Judge Peet Johnson yesterday acquitted the 22-year-old on 41 counts, including attempted murder, sexual assault, assault and exposing a minor to pornography.

The acquittal was due to certain complainants not testifying, as well as 20 counts of sexual assault being dropped as the Criminal Procedure Act (CPA) does not regard the grabbing of male nipples or chest as a sexual offence.

On the stand, Rex, who's facing scores of attempted murder charges for allegedly strangling schoolboys, admitted to being engaged in repeated acts of choking learners until they surrendered or passed out but that he had no intention to kill anyone.

The former coach also said he was never warned by school authorities to stop the choking, saying he even won an award at school for repeatedly wrestling learners. He said he viewed the award as an "encouragement".

Rex initially faced 327 charges, including attempted murder, rape, sexual assault, sexual grooming and exposing minors to pornography, which have now been reduced to 286 with the acquittals.

He has already admitted to 144 counts of sexual assault on learners aged between 13 and 16 in 2015 and 2016.

Learners have accused Rex of rape, alleging that he had stuck his finger or toes in their anuses as well as sexually assaulting them in the pool by grabbing their genitals.

Earlier, defence advocate William Robertse had launched an application in terms of section 174 of the CPA to ask for an acquittal of more than 100 charges levelled against Rex, where the lawyer argued that the State had failed to prove its case.

But Judge Johnson rejected the application, acquitting the accused only on those charges where complainants had not testified in court.