Social media divided as Robot Boii faces criticism over JazziQ sexual harassment allegations

Mr JazziQ. Picture: Instagram

Mr JazziQ. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 10, 2024


Well-known dancer and musician Robot Boii is bearing the brunt of criticism on social media after an incident that embroiled DJ Tumelo “Mr JazziQ’’ Manyoni in sexual harassment allegations.

There are calls for him to speak out about an alleged incident at the YFM Studios where JazziQ was accused of sexual harassment by drive-time show producer Ngcebo Mcobothi.

Mcobothi drew attention on social media after she took to X, alleging that she was sexually harassed in an elevator by Mr. JazziQ after rejecting his advances.

Robot Boii was among the people with Mr. JazziQ and Ngcebo at YFM Studios, as depicted in a video.

Podcast presenters MacG and Sol Phenduka have questioned the veracity of the accusations, to which Boii responded by saying Mr. JazziQ had released a statement when questioned on the phone by the pair.

This has also created a social media rift, with some rallying behind him and others criticising him.

One X user, @Nas_Kryptonite said, “This is what you get for protecting alleged perpetrators instead of speaking the truth. Now your career is going down.”

Boii recently announced the exciting news that he had been nominated under personalities and influencers @top16yoba, and urged his fans to vote for him, which widened the split.

@Iamthabangk, shared that he supported Boii and showed that he had cast his vote for him.

“I voted for you, chief. I stand with you. Mr. Jazziq is the one at fault here, and your choosing not to get involved doesn’t make you a bad person.”

Mcombothi explained the incident on X and said, “I am so triggered! Not me being sexually harassed by one of your favourites after rejecting his advances.

“This guy literally grabbed me by the waist, trying to kiss me ngenkani (forcefully) the way I had to push him away from me. Lapho, we are in a lift,” she said.

Mr. JazziQ issued a statement denying the allegations, claiming that he was never in close contact with Mcobothi who entered the lift before him.

“It came to our attention that an X (formerly Twitter) post, published just over a week ago, alleged that Tumelo Manyoni, known professionally as Mr JazziQ, sexually harassed and forcefully tried to kiss YFM drive-time show producer Ms Ngcebo Mcobothi on Thursday, May 23, 2024.

“The incident allegedly took place inside the offices of the popular Johannesburg-based youth radio station just moments before his scheduled interview on the platform. In the tweets, Ms. Mcobothi claims that Mr. JazziQ sexually harassed her after she rejected his advances. She further alleges that he forcefully tried to kiss her in a lift.

“Upon seeing news of the alleged assault on the said social media platform, Mr. JazziQ and his team promptly contacted YFM’s station manager, Haseena Cassim, requesting CCTV footage of the alleged incident. The basis for this request was for Mr. JazziQ to offer a detailed response to the damaging allegations by providing irrefutable evidence that they have no basis in truth or fact.

“Understanding the socio-economic climate of South Africa in relation to the question of gender-based violence (GBV), he recognised the significance of having evidence to challenge the baseless accusation in a way that would remove all reasonable doubt as to his alleged actions. Four days after the footage was initially requested, YFM has responded (see Appendix B), stating that the said lift has no cameras.”