THE TWO new elephants Ramadiba, 22 and Mopani, 19, explore their night room for the first time at the Joburg Zoo.

Johannesburg - Social society groups were concerned by the Johannesburg Zoo’s decision to bring two more elephants instead of freeing Lammie. 

HSI/Africa’s wildlife director, Audrey Delsink said they are furious that the Johannesburg Zoo has brought two new elephants to share ‘what remains of Lammie’s life in captivity.

“Such was their haste to acquire these elephants, they have done so without completing any of the expansion or renovation work they promised and ignored both public opinion and the pleas of some of the world’s most eminent elephant experts and conservationists,” Delsink said.

“The Gauteng Legislature has also utterly failed to respect the wishes of the 301,652 petitioners who called for Lammie to be released,” Delsink added.

Delsink further added that the Johannesburg Zoo claimed it had acted legally, but they see the zoo to have failed to act morally.

Director of the EMS Foundation Michele Pickover said they were gobsmacked that the City of Johannesburg continues to be so callous and uncaring on this matter.

“The Democratic Alliance is swimming not only against global and local public opinion but alarmingly it is ignoring all the science and everything that we know about who elephants are and their highly complex social structure, which mimics our own,” Pickover added.

Director of Elephant Reintegration Trust Brett Mitchell added that it is a sad day for elephants, yet another two elephants are unnecessarily been subjected to a life of imprisonment due to the lack of ethical management choices made by Joburg Zoo.