Sophie Ndaba declares ‘I still have my life, I still have my humour’

Actress, TV producer and businesswoman Sophie Ndaba. Picture:Instagram/sophiendaba_

Actress, TV producer and businesswoman Sophie Ndaba. Picture:Instagram/sophiendaba_

Published Jun 3, 2024


Renowned actress Sophie Ndaba is grateful to be recuperating well after revealing on social media that she had an operation after an ankle injury.

Ndaba posted an Instagram video on Sunday from a hospital bed, revealing that she underwent surgery and is using crutches to assist her mobility.

“Happy Sunday, happy Sunday. I woke up in the hospital feeling grateful. Sometimes God wants to shake you a little and allow certain things to happen. One minute I am walking, and one minute I have a broken ankle. I want to remind you that some storms are not there to break you, just like my broken ankle. Some are there to remind you to slow down. Some storms are there to restructure you.

“You know the restructuring of a bone when I looked at the process of the operation. And looked at me, putting steel things on my ankle. And the process of making the cement. And crutches are being brought to me. I realised that life is indeed a process. I have decided to embrace it because, when I look at where I come from, you know where I come from. What is a broken ankle, fokol to me? I still have my life, I still have my humour, and I still have so much to be thankful for. So I just want to take this opportunity to thank God. It could have been worse,” she said.

The actress, who dominated the screens for her portrayal of Queen Moroka on ‘Generations’, has made an impressive comeback after her weight loss ordeal raised concerns among many of her followers.

Her journey has been challenging, from experiencing numerous death hoaxes online, critical judgement of her physical appearance, and financial woes to picking up the piece and fighting to thrive again.

Last year, she also founded She’s A Wonder (SAW), a platform for women to connect and empower one another, with the goal of inspiring other women.

She said the platform is a safe space for women to breathe a new breath of hope, inspiration, and love.

Following a sold-out event, she guaranteed a bigger gathering with more networking possibilities, story sharing, and developing a sense of community among women seeking empowerment and connection.

Ndaba has also been making appearances at some women’s empowerment events and sharing pearls of wisdom with those in need.

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