St Dunstan’s College celebrates achieving a 100% pass rate since the first matriculants wrote the IEB exams in 1998

Park Joeng. Picture: Supplied

Park Joeng. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 18, 2024


St Dunstan’s College celebrated a watershed moment after attaining a 100% pass rate since the first matriculants wrote the IEB exams in 1998.

The college is a leading independent Anglican school under the auspices of the Highveld Diocese.

It was explained that in this school, one finds a teaching community dedicated to helping boys and girls grow into capable young men and women with the confidence and courage to do the right thing and the humanity to care about more than themselves.

The St Dunstan’s College motto “I Serve” provides inspiration for the school community to develop an attitude of servant leadership. Leadership through service philosophically underpins every level of school activity.

The school said: “We believe that boys and girls should aspire to achieve excellence, and we know that they excel best in an environment that understands and supports them.

“Our school community ensures that each pupil is known, valued, and appreciated. Efforts and contributions are recognised in a manner that motivates them, and we seek ways to inspire so that all flourish.

“We are thrilled that, once again, St Dunstan’s College has attained a 100% pass result and a 93% Bachelor’s degree pass. We trust that those who are entering tertiary education institutions will be successful, and our track record indicates that our students make the transition to the next phase of their journey with confidence.”

The school’s top achievers include:

Park Joeng

Park Joeng from St Dunstan's College. Picture: Supplied

Baruffwala Mariam

Baruffwala Mariam St Dunstan's College. Picture: Supplied

Jacobs Aidan

Jacobs Aidan St Dunstan's College. Picture: Supplied

Janeke Karli

Janeke Karli St Dunstan's College. Picture: Suplied

Padayachee Shivani

Padayachee Shivani St Dunstan's College. Picture: Supplied

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