Teamwork and good leadership make the dream work

Eleni Baladaki. Picture: Supplied

Eleni Baladaki. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 18, 2024


Great leadership skills and the support of one’s peers have proven to be the peak of Eleni Baladakis’ school career.

Baladakis says her highest point in her matric year was being allowed to lead as head girl alongside an incredible prefect body team.

Baladakis achieved an average of 91% and a full house of eight distinctions in Afrikaans, Business Studies, English, History, Life Orientation, Mathematics, Modern Greek, Physical Sciences and Further Studies English. She has been named a Commendable Achiever by the IEB, ranking within the top 5% of candidates nationally in five or more subjects.

“The constant support of my peers, teachers and management led me to achieve my academic goals. This year, I struggled with the pressure I put on myself to achieve these goals,” she says.

Baladakis says she managed to deal with her struggles and bad experiences with the wonderful memories she made with her matric class.

What she feared the most was losing a balance between her academic and social life throughout the year.

“I found a system that worked for me. Whether this was binging a Netflix series on my day off or seeing my friends for coffee, I was able to keep my mind healthy and happy,” she said.

Baladakis recalls that one of her most memorable moments was when she was honoured with a new award at SAHETI for her consistent academic excellence from Grade 4 to Grade 12.

She says her preliminary examinations were meticulously set in a way that truly prepared her for final examinations.

“Without their support, phone calls late at night and encouraging messages, I do not think I would have remained calm and confident in my preliminary examinations. Although my examinations were challenging, my family’s constant understanding eased my mind and guided me through this period.”

Baladakis said she was not sure at this stage if she would stay in the country and study towards her career choice or go abroad and study there.

She revealed to the publication that she would love to study law as she has always been fascinated by the terminologies and technicalities of it.

“I hope to study law either in South Africa or in England as the law is something that has always intrigued me,” she added.

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