Musician Busi N.

Musician Busi N talks about mobile phone payments and her experience:

What are your thoughts on cashless banking?

It is our inevitable, evolving future! It’s safer, faster and, with all these technological advancements, it was only a matter of time before we moved in this direction.

There’s MPesa, Samsung Pay and other mobile phone payments. Do you use mobile phone payment systems?

I haven’t used mobile phone payment systems yet, apart from the occasional internet banking or mobile banking! I’ve yet to be introduced to that.

Who founded Apple Inc?

A. Bill Gates
B. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is the founder of Apple products, right (giggles)?

In what year was the iPod first sold?

A. 2001
B. 2005

First iPod was sold 2001. Lol, that’s a guess. I’d like to believe Apple has been in the game way before 2005.

Which phone are you currently using and what sets it apart from other smartphones?

I use an iPhone. I’m crazy about the quality of photos. The phone takes legit, amazing photos and as an artist I document everything through videos and photos. I believe most people are drawn to iPhones.

I also enjoy the exclusivity that the iPhone hypes, like the inability to share music or download from all these sites that way through iTunes. We get to support artists, you know. The FaceTime feature is amazing because it is only available to iPhone users, haha!

Tech giant company Huawei recently launched its new flagship device, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Will you be buying it soon?

I’ve never shown any interest in Huawei. Maybe it’s because my knowledge of it is kind of limited. So I’m clueless about it.

Some people say technology has made life easier, others claim the opposite. What is your opinion?

Technology has definitely made life easier. We live in an ever-evolving world. Such innovations were bound to be made.
It is amazing how everything is now within a palm’s reach, and we can access our info and stuff from all these wonderful innovations that are created to simplify life’s processes for us.

It does promote laziness to a degree, but overall it was inevitable, especially in our generation.

Is technology’s role positive or negative in creating or forming relationships?

When it comes to relationships, I prefer the traditional way of interacting - non-technological! In that department it’s not the smartest move.


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