#TechFriday Celeb: Jesse Suntele talks technology, internet and gadgets

By Sthemiso Sithole Time of article published Sep 7, 2018

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South African actor, model and presenter Jesse Suntele tells us about the gadget that his father once bought him. He also talks about his internet use.
Which social media networks or websites do you use and participate on?

Instagram and Twitter are the social media sites which I use the most. I also use YouTube and Google very often.

How often would you say that you use the internet to plan activities with your family and friends?

Very seldom, I’ll only ever use the internet to find a contact number or address, and then call myself to set everything up.

Has anyone ever bought you a gadget? If yes, which one?

Yes. My Dad once bought me an iPod Nano back in high school. Besides that, I buy myself gadgets.

How often would you say you use social media to find out what is happening in your community and to find events or activities?

Quite often actually. As I said, I Google a lot, so as soon as I see a mention of something interesting on social media, I’ll find out more immediately on Google instead of just asking the person who mentioned it in the first place.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “Technology skills give people a greater opportunity to make a difference in their communities and the country”.

I completely agree with the statement. The world that we live in is run by technology and science, and so the development of a community strongly relies on whether or not that community is able to exist in that world. Remembering that technology does not have to be nanobots or super computers, it could be something as simple as the introduction of a windmill-powered water pump to a community that previously had difficulty pumping water.

How many hours a day do you think you spend chatting on WhatsApp?

Anyone who knows me will tell you how bad I am at replying to WhatsApp messages, so not too often. It’s hard to say. I try to stay away from my phone but a lot of my work-based communication comes through my phone and even my WhatsApp. At work and on set I’m completely unreachable.

If you are at home, do you limit the time you spend on your phones?

Yes. I almost expect the world to know that I’m home now and that I’m unreachable, so I put my phone down and expect that nobody will try to reach me.

How familiar are you with blockchain?

Blockchain? (Hope that answers your question haha, although now I’m going to hop on Google to find out).


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