TV and radio presenter Melody Miya’s curiosity for technological applications keeps him in real time. Supplied
This year is all about talent on the rise and Melody Miya is ticking all the right boxes with his personality and perseverance to achieve.

The TV and radio presenter, who will be joining one of the biggest stations in Gauteng - 947 - is also a popular MC at events and has a knack for dancing.

He spoke to The Star about how he uses technology to keep him in real time and his curiosity for applications.

Are you Android or iOS?

I am a big fan of Android and have been using it for some time. It will take some time for me to convert to iOS. I love how you can seamlessly navigate through the Android menu.

What are your favourite social media platforms?

Twitter and Instagram. I like how fast, interactive and informative Twitter can be. I use it more when I’m on the radio to interact with my fans who will listen and to come up with content for the show.

Instagram is also great to interact with my followers and showcase my passion - MCing and dancing. That helps with my bookings.

If you could come up with an app for your everyday work, what would it do and what would you call it?

It would be a face recognition app, so I don’t forget people’s names especially if I met you, like, once. I would call it the NeverForget app.

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What are your must-have music apps?

No doubt, Spotify.

How do you use technology to enhance your life?

My world revolves around technology as I’m constantly curious about the latest stats in sports or news. Technology keeps me in real time spaces. I love being well informed. As I’m always on the road, it’s brought my world and family closer to me. I get to stay connected, faster.

With the petrol price still a bit high, I get to conduct my meetings on Skype or WhatsApp. Things are done much faster and are cost-effective.