NDO Dlakadla just loves her smartphone. She says she uses it like a laptop and that the security features are top-notch. Sthembiso Sithole
Musician Ndo Dlakadla shares her thoughts on free wi-fi roll-out in schools, and talks about security features on her beloved smartphone.

What are your thoughts on free wi-fi roll-out in schools?

I think it’s a great idea.

The education system has evolved since our time, and much as we hate the percentage of data used for our kids to get to the next level, when they are exposed to a broader space like the internet they have limitless options as to what to choose for their careers, with influences from other places.

It will help them think more out of the box, instead of being boxed by their surroundings .

Which social media platforms do you use most to update your fans about your world?

Twitter, Instagram,LinkedIn and my page on Facebook.

What type of smartphone are you using and what are the advantages?

I use an iPhone and so far it’s treating me well I love all its features

I used to use a Samsung, for two years. I switched to iPhone as an experiment and I am loving it .

In comparison, the advantages of my precious current smartphone are that it has more quality features - it’s actually like having my laptop in my hands.

Everything that needs to be done when I can’t reach my laptop, I just do it using my phone.

What security features does your smartphone have?

iPhone is a loner, for lack of a better word, according to my view. You cannot use other smartphones for sharing with it, not even a charger. It’s a good thing, because viruses cannot access your gadget that easily.

The iPhone also always informs you about everything that happened while you were offline. If someone tried to hack in to enter your emails, or hacked your system in any way, it always changes the security codes.

You cannot do anything without verifying your identity and that for me is cool.

There are a lot of security features that it comes with, without you having to buy or download an app to add security for your phone.

And that’s so important today.