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#TechFriday Feature: Samsung QLED Smart TV

By Sthembiso Sithole Time of article published Aug 3, 2018

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It’s time for a new era of intelligent TV display. Samsung recently launched its new range of 2018 QLED TVs that without a doubt will change the television landscape completely.

The QLED TVs offer amazing viewing, and one doesn’t have to worry about the picture quality.

Over the years, customers have complained about untidy cables behind TV sets. But now Samsung seems to have found the solution to this problem.

"The invisible cabling ensures that your TV connections aren’t intrusive on your interior style," said Justin Hume, chief marketing officer for Samsung South Africa.

"We have integrated power and data supply in one cable - this is revolutionary. The additional length - up to 20 metres - lets you have a lot of fun with putting the TV in places unique to your particular lifestyle,

"The one invisible connection combines the AV and power lines along with the cables of peripheral devices, through the one connect box," he said.

Another amazing feature on a QLED TVs is an ambient mode. It creates a sense of spatial consistency by enabling the TV screen to seamlessly blend with the wall or space behind it.

Instead of a black rectangle when it's turned off, the TV can be set up to play music, display information such as the weather or news headlines, family photographs, a favourite work of art or simply the wallpaper.

Hume said ambient mode allows one to make the television “disappear when it’s not in use”.

“We’ve managed to solve the conundrum of where to put the TV. On average, TVs are turned on for only five hours a day, yet they occupy a large space on the wall in the living or TV room.

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"This means TVs hang on the wall just as a black screen for more than 19 hours every day.

"But that’s no longer a problem - ambient mode allows you to literally make the TV disappear when it’s not in use,” Hume said.

Samsung has introduced the SmartThings app.

The SmartThings cloud is the backbone of the connected ecosystem that offers a single platform for creating more valuable and more unified IoT (internet of things) experiences.

This means one can get a hub for entertainment, gaming and doing conferences.

The 2018 QLED TVs are already available in South Africa and at a cost of around R22000.


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