I got to play around with the Samsung S9 for a while and the experience brought the inner child out of me.

Excitement over the camera quality lived up to expectations with the addition of other fun elements that give the phone that extra edge.

Samsung has definitely reimagined the camera with its automatic lens that adapts to the environment you are in, much like how your eye pupil dilates in dark and light. The camera lens does the same to get the best pictures.

I was also impressed with the amount of filter options the phone has for taking pictures in selfie mode.

I’m a sucker for a good filter; my angles catfish on a good day but that’s only when I download apps such as Snapchat and YouCam Perfect to fulfil that need.

The S9 has saved us a few megabytes with the filters that are available. I can take a plain-Jane selfie of myself and the filter I choose can glam me up or make me look as chic as I want. You can choose from a variety of options such as natural, sweet, festival and dreamy. If you aren’t as obsessed as I am about filters then you’ll be happy to know the camera will capture you in your natural essence in a dark or light setting with the right aperture mode.

My niece was just as taken by the fun filters that change your face to cute animals and clowns.

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She helped me blow bubbles, look like a sheep, eat some cupcakes, brush my teeth and see how I would look as a pipe-smoking old man.

But the most fun we had was when we became actual emojis.

The Augmented Reality (AR) capability of the phone is activated when you take a selfie of yourself and it picks up some of your features to make an emoji that sort of looks like you.

It can then immediately pick up on your movements and act as you would.

An added bonus is using your AR emoji as stickers and gifs while chatting to friends.

When you’re not using the phone as a prop for taking pictures, you can also make use of its sound system that’s powered by Dolby Atmos, live translation tool, its sensitive data protection, security identification that includes face recognition and iris scan, water resistance, wireless functionality and charging, dual SIM card option, massive storage space and take advantage of its edge-to-edge screen display.

The sleekly designed Samsung S9 is available in lilac purple, midnight black, titanium grey and coral blue.