Nokia 7 Plus.

When was the last time you saw someone using a Nokia phone? On my planet, it has been years.
A few months back, I received a called from HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones. A gentleman from the sales department invited me to meet with them so that they can show me their new phones.
After that phone call, I remember asking myself; “Where have they been [Nokia]? What happened to Nokia? When was the last time I saw someone using a Nokia phone?” I kept on thinking about what to expect on the meeting.
Finally, I met with them and they gave me two Nokia phones, one of them being a Nokia 7 Plus.
After spending some time using the phone, I got a sense of the direction that Nokia is taking. They also want to be key players in the smartphone world and get new customers to buy their new devices.
The Nokia 7 Plus has a unique ceramic-feel coating achieved through a 6-layer paint system that ensures improved call quality and signal as well as better grip.
The Nokia 7 Plus is made from Series 6000 aluminum but when one first pick the device up, you won’t get that metal feel.
The vivid 6-inch 18:9 Full HD+ display makes the Nokia 7 Plus perfect for spending time on social media, checking stuff on the internet and playing games. The new flagship has a 4GB of RAM.
The location of the power button on the right edge of the handset is easy to reach.
The battery life for Nokia 7 Plus lasts for a long time. I didn’t have to worry about charging after every 30 minutes.
The Nokia 7 Plus dual rear sensors with ZEISS optics combine an ultra-sensitive 12MP wide-angle primary camera for impressive performance in both low-light and extra bright conditions and a secondary 13MP sensor that delivers 2x optical zoom for the moments when you wish you were closer.
The Nokia 7 Plus adapts to low light conditions by increasing light sensitivity to guarantee picture-perfect selfies.
The Nokia 7 Plus joins the Android One family, offering a high quality software experience designed by Google. The Plus is available from R329.00/ month x 24 months on Post-Paid Operator deals or from R 5,999.00.