Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

#TechFriday: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 a hit

By Sthembiso Sithole Time of article published Sep 14, 2018

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the BEST! Yes, I said it. I have never thought that one day I would ever fall in love with any Samsung product, particularly phones. I guess I am too loyal to Apple products.

When the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was launched, I quickly went on to Twitter to see what was happening as the hashtag #SamsungGalaxyNote9 was trending.

A lot of people on social media were praising the phone with some saying they can’t wait to buy it. Well, for the first time, I called the PR agency that issued a press release about the launch of the device. I told them that I would like to spend some time with the phone and write a review. Within a couple of days, I got a call from the reception at work that the new flagship had arrived.

Fast forward, I have had a great time using the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It has all that you need, even way better than other phones, iPhone 7 included.

Let us talk about the S Pen. The S Pen is a handy tool for jotting down notes. It has Bluetooth for remote-controlled short cuts that are customisable. If you want to pose for a photo 9m away, the S Pen makes that possible. It puts you in control.

Whether you like drawing or you are rushing to the next meeting and ideas are flowing in your head while walking, you can just write them down even if your screen is off. Or, if you are like me, you can spend time looking at it and pressing the S Pen non-stop.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera has a plethora of features, good exposure, vibrant colours, and can shoot some great photos. I repeat, it is the best. I like the Selfie Focus, Selfie and Wide Selfie modes. You don’t need filters before posting photos on Instagram. Trust me!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a larger 6.4inch (16cm) screen, heftier 4000mAh battery, and a 1TB of storage option. Did I mention that the device is a little bigger, and more colourful? I would personally recommend non-Samsung users to get this new flagship. One can get the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on contract for R799 at an MTN store or get it cash for R18999 or a bit less.

Between the two off us, I will wait for the “technical recession” to pass, then I will get the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


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