IDOLS winner 2018 Yanga Sobetwa released a new album titled Promised Land. Picture: Supplied
IDOLS winner 2018 Yanga Sobetwa released a new album titled Promised Land. Picture: Supplied

#TechPage Celeb: Yanga Sobetwa

By MPILETSO MOTUMI Time of article published May 10, 2019

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Idols winner Yanga Sobetwa has always wanted to do a Gospel album. Hers will be an “entire new vibe”  she says. Titled Promised Land, the album has elements of gospel, urban pop and afro sounds.

Sobetwa says the journey since Idols has been amazing, teaching her to always have a positive mindset.

“It is all preparing me for a bigger destination in my life.”

For Africa month she celebrates the uniqueness of each country.

“The different types of signature music you get from the different countries make the music industry beautiful and diverse.”

She appreciates that South Africa allows her to celebrate her christianity openly and freely.

Promised Land is now available on digital platforms.

“The songs on my album will take you on a journey, one that won’t be complete if you do not listen to every song.”

Sobetwa, spoke to The Star about technology and the recent local elections:

How do you use technology in your everyday life?

I use technology a lot in my everyday life. I cook using technology; use technology to update my social media; I use technology for almost everything. I mentioned cooking because it's my favourite. I also use technology to read the Word of God.

If you could come up with an app to better service delivery in your hometown, what would it do?

I would definitely have an app that would help with job creation. An app that would help people develop business ideas and educate the uneducated.

How do you feel about political parties using technology to spread their messages?  

Unfortunately I couldn't vote this year because I was under age to register to vote.

A revolution is happening in the world, so I think using technology was a smart move. We are on our phones constantly, that's where we spend most of our time, so I think it's a smart move.

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Did you receive any phone calls or SMSes from political parties that wanted your support?

Yes, I received a call from all of the parties, I was kind of impressed with the method they started using.

Do you follow tech trends?

It depends on how I positively benefit from those trends.

How often did you use technology to read up/find information on the elections?

I don't use technology that often to research about elections. However, by watching the news and catching up online with social media I indirectly received the information.


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