The great poet Virgil says the greatest wealth is health. At NHC we seek to always add to the bank balance of health.

When our patients are healthy, we know there is no limitation nor barrier that can stop them from reaching their aspiration.

South Africa is one of the busiest nations in the world, with citizens having more than one profession at a time and chasing multiple streams of income.

With such great ambition and purpose the first asset to take a knock is physical and mental health.

South Africans are emphatically busy but are also not the healthiest.

When it comes to getting a check-up, people tend to generally dread going to the doctor. More often than not it is fear of the unknown as well as the prohibitive cost. It remains of great concern to us at NHC that lives are lost due to these prejudices.

NHC was founded and started as an IPA (Independent Practice Association) by 22 medical professionals based in Johannesburg. This network has since grown to include over 1100 health care professionals across South Africa.

The main aim of NHC is to provide South Africans with accessible healthcare.

With compassion and innovation as the guiding ethos of our efforts, we look at having access to health as not a privilege but a fundamental human right. We find it regrettable that in the 21st Century, in the 4th Industrial age we keep losing lives to diseases that can be prevented or cured.

We have taken it upon ourselves not only to be approachable cost-wise, but to also be a brand that invests in creating a value chain of knowledge for everyone to access.

Next year will see NHC roll out many initiatives that will seek to empower our citizens with knowledge of how to live a healthy life both mentally and physically.

We have invested in technologies now that make it easier for patients to reach or book their doctor online.

Our book online platform - found on gives convenience and also takes into consideration that time is the most expensive asset we have. At a click of a button whether you be on your mobile or on your desktop you get access to world-class healthcare services.

The Readers Choice Award for us is humbling and reasserts within ourselves our purpose to provide affordable access. Not only is this award an inspiration to us it also reminds us that we must keep true to our purpose.

Fundamentally, as a brand we shall work exponentially harder to not only provide access to medical professionals but to also invest in an ecosystem where we empower our patients to take ownership of their health.

It is our hope and aspiration that when we chart forward in creating a healthy society, we aid in creating a future filled with aspirations realised.

As we go towards the festive season, we encourage you to take precautions on the road as you travel. No matter what your journey is this festive season, know that we are here for you always on https:www

We wish you love and prosperity in the coming year.

As always .Live Well, Stay Well, Be Great!